Do you frequently go to Sokhna? Are you one of those people – just like us – who are highly interested in Sokhna and think it’s one of the most beautiful destinations in Egypt?

If you’re a Sokhna lover like us, you must be bothered that your favorite destination is shuttered. And you wish there was a place that gathers all the information about this beautiful area. Its compounds, restaurants, services and facilities, while building a community for all Sokhna lovers.

Then, we must tell you:

We’ve found a hidden gem that will make you fall in love even more with Sokhna!

We – thankfully – came across a new platform ( that focuses only on our favorite place, while gathering all information regarding Al Sokhna with all its compounds, restaurants, activities, and services. Not only that, but the newly-launched website also has a broad Sokhna map, in addition to a search engine where you can easily search for units in a specific compound or with specific features to meet your expectations.

What makes this website a real gem, which we need to share with our readers, is that it provides a wide range of information that will be of benefit to anyone traveling to, or even just passing by, Sokhna.

Know what’s happening in and around your favorite destination!

For us, the website was definitely of benefit as we visited it to know what’s happening in/around Sokhna. The website contains a ‘News Section’ to keep its visitors aligned with the latest news happening around them.

Where to eat? What to do? Just head to

Also, we visited the ‘Lifestyle Section’ to know where to eat and what type of activities to do in the morning and at night. Surprisingly, we found many options that we didn’t know about before like nightlife places plus the upcoming hit events.


All available services near you in Sokhna are gathered in ONE place

Then we went to the ‘Services Section’, where we found all services available in the area from hospitals and pharmacies to ATM machines and gas stations.

Confused between different options? Then, compare!

As we skimmed through the website, we discovered more! The search engine didn’t only provide us with options that meet our needs, but we were also able to compare between the different options. In our case, we were torn between two different units, each in a compound. So we used the comparison feature in Which compared for us every little detail of our 2 options. Starting from the compounds, their locations and the available services and facilities, to the size of the units, the number of rooms and the availability of gardens and roofs.

Know what other people are saying!

The full-of-surprises website gained our full trust instantly when we came across “People Saying About” button. It presents people’s feedback and reviews about each compound, restaurant, hotel, and all services. It’s great to find a platform that gathers all information you might ever need for a specific destination. Along with people’s feedback!

Sell and rent your unit totally free of charge!

As we go through the website, we discovered that you can sell or rent your unit totally for free and without any commission!

We’re thankful that we discovered this hidden gem. We can confidently say that the website is building a new community for all Sokhna lovers and admirers across the country. That’s why it’s very unique and we truly love the idea and concept behind it! is the first destination marketing platform in Egypt that aims to improve and promote tourism in Egypt. It  highlight and spread awareness about the best places across Egypt.