Karim Fahmi

Just days after Egyptian actors Ahmed Fahmy and Hannah El-Zahed’s big wedding, brother of the groom Karim Fahmi, posted a photo that includes the newlyweds along with Fahmi’s wife and children.

But because we are literally now living in the dark ages of the internet, with social media turning into the worst place ever, both of Karim Fahmi’s girls got severely bullied.

After the actor posted the family picture on his Instagram account, a couple of really disrespectful comments showed up. And do you know why?

Simply, it’s all because like any normal father who should do as he pleases, Fahmi inserted heart emojis over both of his daughters’ faces. That’s basically when hell broke loose!

What Went Down?

First, a girl commented on the picture making fun of Fahmi for covering their faces, because she doesn’t understand why he would want to cover their ‘ugly hair and faces‘.

Then after Fahmi responded in a very respectful manner that we absolutely applaud him for, another series of comments broke out shaming him for covering their faces, to begin with.

Karim Fahmi

But this time, not because they think they’re ugly as the ‘very well raised‘ young lady suggested, but they’re actually upset because they don’t see why he would want to take and post their pictures if he doesn’t want anyone seeing their faces.

Some other individuals thought that the picture was ‘provoking‘, for some reason. And of course, someone decided to join in the bullying party and shame him for NOT covering his wife for her ‘too revealing‘ dress.

Karim Fahmi
Karim Fahmi

While all of this happened, someone else thought ‘why not barge in and express my amusement at how Egyptians are so strange because they do weird and provocative stuff such as covering their children’s faces while foreign celebrities like Nancy Ajram don’t?’


The tweet was posted by a woman who states in her Twitter bio that she is a segment director in Arabwood show and a producer in Sahebat el Saada show.

Kareem Fahmi replied to the tweet to explain himself, which by itself is a shame since he should not be defending his parenting.

Kareem explained that it’s not a matter of whether they look better or not, but rather a personal choice. And sadly, social media has given people the right to interfere in celebrities personal matters.

Ahmed Fahmi’s response

As previously mentioned, Karim Fahmi replied to the bully who verbally harassed his little children in a very respectful manner. And to be completely honest, we would have never blamed him if his response had been harsher.

However, his newly wedded brother Ahmed Fahmy decided to go through with his infamous ways and harshly insult the bully who shamed Karim Fahmi and his children.

Well, we do understand that this is not something that anybody could simply take in or contain his anger in the face of.

Karim Fahmi

That being said, we strongly disagree with Ahmed Fahmy’s words and actions. Because actually, and as many might know, this isn’t the first nor even the 5th time he calls people horrible names.

We might understand the situation this time, of course. But, we really respect Karim’s decision to remain a respectful person in the face of the unjustified and sick criticism and bullying; unlike Ahmed Fahmy.

Bullying Children and Criticizing Celebrities’ LIFE CHOICES

We’ve literally been talking about this for ages. But for the millionth time and for goodness sake, celebrities are indeed public personalities. They put out most of their lives – whether they like it or not – and they do expose themselves to all kinds of criticism.

But we’re not here to talk about how they’re the ones who do this to themselves because that’s NOT true. You could and should criticize their work or even bad behavior. Especially if that bad behavior – whatever it is – might affect image or society.

However, celebrities’ families, children and PERSONAL LIFE CHOICES are in no way up for criticism or even discussion.

Just recently, Mohamed Salah’s daughter, Makka, was the subject of public criticism just because Salah decided to post a video of his child singing!

Like, imagine you’re not a celebrity but you have a public Instagram account:

You post a picture of your family and children and decide for whatever reason in the world to cover your children’s faces. And all of a sudden, someone comments that your children are ugly and that you’re an idiot for covering their faces. How would you feel? Celebrity, public personality or not.

Karim Fahmi

We’re talking about people’s feelings here. No one should ever justify his own life choices, especially to strangers. People have been arguing in Fahmi’s comment section about why he made that choice: Is it because he fears the evil eye or is it because his girls are actually ugly? Really? We cannot believe it!

And it just baffles and saddens us that we’ve reached the point where CHILDREN are being bullied, called names and shamed for their looks and attire.