You know, at the time of a global pandemic, some artists choose to set a good example for the public by holding their concerts and exhibitions online.

And some, just doesn’t feel the magnitude of the responsibility that lies on their shoulders and go on with their normal lives, milking every Coronavirus chance to make profit.

As for ordinary people, there are some who are able to rise to the seriousness of the situation and some others, simply just fail.

These two unfortunate incidents, we’ll tell you about, are the perfect case in point!

Story #1

So, we all know Mirna El Helbawy to be an “influencer”/published writer. What we didn’t know is that she could use her status to advocate for some seriously unhealthy actions amidst a quarantine.

On her Instagram story, she posted videos saying how bored she was at home and that’s why she decided to go out and have coffee. Want to guess where? Yes, at her privately-owned restaurant.

She even justifies that by saying that going out and keeping distance from people is something doctors advise. Well, no Mirna, we think they meant when it’s an absolute necessity not for promoting your restaurant’s delivery service during a lockdown.

Story #2

Yesterday, March 27, a huge number of people were photographed at El Ein El Sokhna beaches. Wonders never seize, right?

Apparently, while millions of Egyptians are self-quarantining, for the sake of their safety and the safety of everyone else, others think it would be a great idea to start their summer vacation.

Ignoring all the healthcare professionals and the government’s call-outs to take responsibility and help us all get pass this hardship.

However, once informed, Egyptian authorities took the right decision and ordered a shutdown to all beaches, effective immediately.

So if we learn something here today, it would be how we could actually count on our government taking full precautionary steps to keep us safe, but we can’t really count on the people!