Finally, it’s confirmed. El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) will have its 4th run in October and we just can’t wait. The 16 international films taking part in the festival were also unveiled earlier; here are the 5 most interesting ones we carefully picked out from the long list for you guys to check out!

Bad Tales

An Italian-Swiss movie about the true human nature presenting itself at tough times through this one family’s summer life. We are definitely intrigued!


A French-Cambodian film about people who survived the irradiation of war and lived to tell the story. This one looks brutal, it’s obviously not for the faint-hearted!

Delete History

The story of three elder victims of the social media plans to take revenge on the tec world. We were interested when we heard someone say “it’s a dad-joke on the modern world!”


A Serbian film about a brave father who has to give up his two children to social service after his wife attempts suicide! Sounds heartbreaking!


This movie from the Netherlands is a hand-painted animation that depicts how nature takes over this one city in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. If you’re into animation, and judging by the reviews, this one is a must-see!

Honestly, the festival’s runners outdid themselves this year with this selection of story-telling movies from all around the world!