The one and only Sherine Arafa is back, making headlines once again. But this time, the entire world applauded her for making light of an extraordinary story: becoming “Sophia Saudi Robot” … The end is near everyone! 

Sherine Arafa roamed the streets of Cairo dressed as Sophia, the humanoid robot that was created by Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong based company.
Sophie walks cairo

Sherine asked the Egyptian people controversial questions to spike a genuine reaction from those who have no idea who Sophia is. Would you ever marry a robot? What if things go wrong? Can women be replaced? Would you like to see more versions of this robot in Egypt?

Watch the Egyptian Impression about Sophia Saudi robot:

Sherine In the making
Last week, Sophia, the AI was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia; the move came during an investment event attended by the top elites of the world. The event discussed plans to build a supercity that will be home to independent robotic technology like Sophia.
Yes. You heard it right!

Sherine Arafa

Sophia Saudi Robot
Is this an erosion of ethics, will this turn into another Westworld dystopia? Let us know what you think!