Algerian singer, songwriter, and guitarist Souad Massi is coming to Egypt with two events, and everyone is losing their mind about it. It’s been years since Massi performed in Egypt, and everyone has been impatiently waiting for her to come back.

Massi is known to put heart and soul into her performances, and her authentic music is enjoyable for almost everyone from any background. She got her big break in 1999 when she was invited to perform in Paris for a “Women from Algeria” concert. She won a recording contract and has lived there ever since. With 4 albums released under her belt, Massi has become a worldwide star, with a special place in Egyptians’ hearts.

Organized by Sawt Music, the first concert will be held in Alexandria on the 24th of April in Bibliotheca Alexandria. Ticket prices are ranging from 75, 100, 150 LE, and are available at Bibliotheca Alexandria itself.

As for the Cairo concert, it’s in Uptown Cairo on the 26th of April, and ticket prices range from 400, 300 to 200 LE. Even though it is considerably a bit pricey, it’s worth its money. The tickets are available at Virgin Megastores (City Stars Mall – Mall Of Arabia)

Swat Music have been in the music industry for almost 16 years and have worked with all types of musicians before; including recent concerts for Rim Banna, Egyptian Project, Lena Chamamyan and many more. Their mission is not about profit, but to make people from all backgrounds enjoy the same music and have a cultural experience. How they managed to bring Massi after many other organizers failed before just proves how strong this agency is. We’re waiting for more big things in the near future.

Link to Alexandria’s Event:

Link to Cairo’s Event: