At some point in life, you have probably come across a narcissist, and wondered about their inexplicable egoistic behaviour! A typical narcissist is someone who is totally self-absorbed without even realizing it. Narcissists believe they are at the center of the universe, and that they’re quite significant for others for a reason or another. So, how would you spot a narcissist?

1. A narcissist is a person, who keeps interrupting others’ conversations even when their opinions are relevant! Surely, they are more self-absorbed than any one else!


2. A narcissist is a seemingly sociable, yet extremely emotionally isolated person. They are sometimes void, emotionally unbalanced, and in many cases detached.

3. No matter how [seemingly] socially engaged a narcissist is, he/she  has a major attachment dysfunction, which means they remain emotionally attached to the time when they were traumatized.

4. Unfortunately, the traumatic event may impact them forever; the pain might never go, and the wound may never heal. Psychotherapy is highly recommended in such cases.

5. Narcissists often build a protective barrier like a defense mechanism; they deal with others through a false ‘persona’. Building up the ‘Poker face’ as a false identity is a way to confront people who are considered ‘harmful’ or ‘untrustworthy’ .


6. A narcissist may seem scary, harsh or intimidating to others until the ‘wounded’ child resurfaces. Narcissists have the ability to alter their identities, according to the situation they are facing.

7.  To the extreme narcissists, people are considered ‘material’ things. They are not as sensitive as they seem to be, and are extremely self-absorbed.

8. If you ask a narcissist personal question, he/she will quickly distract you with a joke, making you forget what you were asking in the first place. Attempt to dig into their personal life, and they may exclude you forever. However, they will still play the game as if you are ‘still’ dear!

To cut a long story short, as a rule of thumb, narcissists are difficult challenging people to deal with because they are self-obsessed, hardly accept others’ point of views, or feel for them. Just accept your narcissistic friends for what they are, and don’t ask for too much as they lack empathy by default. Last but not least, don’t expect to please a narcissist; God be with you!