Cozy winter nights may still lie ahead, but there is no denying the yearning for spring in our hearts this February. The call for brighter and longer days rings so loud, it reaches into our closets, beckoning for that spring cleaning. Indeed, a terrible thought that conjures images of heaps of garments, cast away in an effort to block out ghosts of fashion faux-pas’ passed.
The best way to tackle spring cleaning is undoubtedly to give your closet some extra TLC with equal parts de-cluttering and discovering. Toss out that heavy leather and give a warm welcome to some of spring’s finest trends that will have you falling in love with your closet all over again.


1. Bold Floral

Make a declaration of spring and summer in bright and big floral patterns. They are every bit flower power as they are feminine, combining the free, strong spirit of a modern day woman with a touch of mod squad.

2. Bright White

Bid dark mysterious winter hues farewell and submit to the white hot spring trend, taking fashion by storm. Don’t be intimidated by the white-out and go for a full head to toe ensemble.

3. Metal Threads

The subtle metal works its way into essentials, as if woven into your dreams. From spring tweeds, to silks and embellishments, metallic accents are sure to amp those drab fabrics and elevate your staples for the season.

4. Monochrome Madness


Sometimes, black and white can completely wipe out all shades of gray. Consider the crisp precision of the eternally chic monochrome palette. Besides, a little chess play never hurt.

5. Perfectly Pink

The pink panther ain’t got nothin’ on you, pretty lady. So go ahead, paint the town pink! No other color can exude as much femininity and flirtatiousness as this pretty hue.

6. Sheen and Shine

Channel studio 54 and stand out with some serious disco-inspired liquid shine. The fluidity of 70s and 80s suave, fused with all the fun of a disco ball can only produce the most marvelous party wear for sping.