Unless you’re focusing on more important things that are happening around the world, you probably noticed that there is an ongoing “civil war” between fanboys over Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (I’ll use BvS for short). Just like any other movie, BvS isn’t perfect and its biggest issues seem to be related to the pacing of the script. Nevertheless, comparing it to other Marvel blockbusters or to the Dark Knight trilogy is just…no!

Here are 7 reasons why BvS deserves more respect:

  • The References

Point 1

Holy $h*t! This movie is packed with Easter eggs! The best part is that it doesn’t needlessly shove them down your throat, instead it does it with class to remind the viewer of a different DC timeline. The trailer alone references to the death of Robin by the Joker and Darkseid’s Omega sign which signals to an entirely different Batman.

  • Ben-Freaking-Affleck!

point 2

Yes, Daredevil was a fail, but the silver-lining here, is Ben Affleck joining acting classes, and it really shows in BvS. No one would’ve probably played aging, grumpy and slightly immoral Batman/Bruce Wayne like Affleck did. We can safely say that he is the actor that the role needed, not the one it deserved *pun intended*

  • It’s Comic-book Friendly

Point 3

BvS is like a love letter to all Justice League fans and it surprisingly sticks to the original backstories in the comics. That being said, if you invest in some DC comic-books, you’ll find that BvS makes a whole lot of sense.

  • Action Sequences

Point 4 copy

Unlike Man of Steel, the movie isn’t packed with action sequences, but seeing that look of fear on Batsy’s face while he gets knocked around by Superman is pure joy. To be fair, Batman does lay-down some dark justice on Clark Kent’s @$$, but bringing gadgets into a fist fight is cheating Wayne!

  • Plot Twists

Point 5

Action/adventure/fantasy, I say it’s a thriller as well. With Christopher Nolan on the team, there had to be some drama involved. Granted it’s not as twisted as the Dark Knight, the movie still has some “I didn’t see that coming” moments.  

  • No More Monopolies

point 6

Let’s get this straight. I like all superheroes and I’m not a fanatic fanboy, but I had enough of Marvel movies and Spider-man reboots! The recent Marvel movies were great, but they seem like an episode of Teletubbies compared to DC’s Man of Steel. With Watchmen going down the drain, we, fans deserved a more dark and philosophical alternative to the Avengers.

  • The Visuals

Point 7

I can go on and on about the visuals, how beautiful the lighting was and how amazing the costumes and CGI textures looked, not to mention Batman’s glorious suit, but to cut it short, the director of BvS, Zack Snyder, also directed 300 *Enuff Said*.