El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) wasn’t just about gowns and tuxedos this year. Some celebrities took the opportunity to raise awareness for certain social causes that are close to their hearts. Those were the ones that really caught our eyes!

Karim Kassem: Kefaya Plastic

The uprising star Kareem Kassem chose to advocate the concept of “saving planet earth” from plastic pollution by wearing a recycled whale-shaped pin on his tuxedo.

The pin was made entirely from plastic waste by Zed Art Corner in collaboration with Black Duck designs. Seriously how cute was that gesture?

Kojak Studio & Rosaline El Bay: Recycling

The one of a kind Kojak and uprising actress Rosaline El Bay joined forces to support the ongoing cause of recycling. El Bay wore a gown completely designed from recycled materials; beautifully executed by Kojak Studio, Upfuse and Nilfurat. Don’t you just love it when fashion is for a cause?

Yasmine Ghaith: Breast Cancer Awareness

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. عندي ليكم قصة من قصصي . لما بدأت أصمم مجوهرات، حسيت إني برسم حاجة ليها علاقة بيا، لغاية ماكتشفت إني برسم حتة مني، برسم حاجات شبه جروحي اللي شفتها من ذهب، برسم أحاسيس عديت بيها غيرتني كتير….و فاجأة لقيت نفسي برسم قطعة غريبة و لقيتها شبه جرحي بالظبط، مكان العملية بتاعتي و سميت القطعة دي "SCARLETT" مستوحي من كلمة جرح…و بقت دي أقرب قطعة لقلبي، و عملت السلسلة بتاعتها موجهة لجرحي علي الفستان، و قعدنا أنا و حبيبتي سارة أُنسي الفاشيون دزينر، و حبيبتي نسمة الشاذلي مديرة أعمال العلاقات العامة و عملنا الفستان علشان يتماشي مع المجوهرات بتاعتي مش العكس، و قررت ألبس القطعة دي لأول مرة في حفل ختام مهرجان الجونة السينمائي…و برده مسكت رمز التوعية عن سرطان الثدي علشان أدعم كل ست بتعدي بأي حاجة صعبة في حياتها مش بس بمرض، و أقولها تحلم علشان بعد كل الأوقات الصعبة دي هتوصل لحلمها! . . . Thank you @nesma_el_shazly @stardust__pr for your dedication and hard work, without you I wouldn't have gone that far in my career! Thank you @saraonsiofficial for all your efforts, I loved my dress! Makeup | @lauricematta @lancomepopupegypt @lancomeofficial Hair | @alsagheersalons Thank you @stylememoir_by_mayar for your tips Jewellery | @ygpieces Styling | by yours truly @elgounafilmfestivalofficial @elgounaredsea #GFF #GFF19 #GFF2019 #قصص_غيث #YGFFStoryTelling

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Yasmine Gaith surprised everyone when she attended the red carpet wearing a t-shirt. Yes, but it wasn’t merely for standing-out purposes, it was actually for a worthy cause.

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. قالوا لي "هتلبسي تي شيرت علي الred carpet إزاي؟؟" قالوا لي لأ لازم كل يوم فستان رهيب بقي و منفوش و بيلمع و كده…. . الحقيقة ده حلو قوي و كل حاجة و عملته كذا يوم، بس حبيت أستعمل السجادة دي لحاجة مفيدة، حبيت أبعت منها رسالتي اللي بقالي تلات سنين بشتغل عليها، حبيت أقول لكل حد بيتكسف من جروحه و بيحاول يدريها إنها شرف مش عار، بالعكس دي حاجة نفتخر بيها…… . بشوف دايماً بره مصر الفنانين و الpublic figures بيعملوا توعية من خلال الred carpet، و إحنا مش أقل منهم في حاجة فحبيت أحاول أعمل فرق و إختلاف….. . Also since #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth is around the corner, I said this, "Our Scars Are Our Pride…#AlwaysWearYourSmile" , I also went with my natural post chemo hair… ❤ #DareToBeDifferent . Thank you my beautiful friend @stylememoir_by_mayar for inspiring me with this idea, I love you! . Hair, makeup, and styling | by yours truly Jewellery | @ygpieces PR management | @stardust__pr . #GFF #GFF19 #GFF2019 #YasmineGhaith #ياسمين_غيث #MyCancerDiaries #YGFFStoryTelling #قصص_غيث @elgounafilmfestivalofficial @elgounaredsea

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Her shirt said “Our Scars Are Our pride” in an attempt to spotlight the positive body image cancer patients need to adopt and the world needs to accept!

That wasn’t it, she also displayed her latest jewelry line “YG” that resembles her own body scars. Now, how inspiring is that?

Both beautiful actresses Saba Mubarak and Sarah Abdelrahman supported their fellow star Yasmine Gaith in her quest of self acceptance.

By complementing their red carpet looks with pieces from Gaith’s jewelry line, they made sure the process of awareness to the cause was on the right track!

Amr Abed: Defying Norms

Amr Abed decided to break the tradition of the red carpet tuxedos and decided to take a completely different, yet fun path.

In a statement of supporting authenticity, the star collaborated with Paz.Cairo to create his Egyptian Mamluki Kaftan. You’re doing great Amr Abed!

Years ago, the dream of socially conscious fashion seemed like a far fetched aspiration. Now, we couldn’t be more glad it finally found its time in Egypt!