It’s the long awaited Easter vacation everyone! However, not all of us can make it outside the boarders of Cairo, or home for that matter.

And of course, it’s not that easy to spend the whole vacation going out and about. Which is why we’re here to tell you that there are indeed fun and relaxing stuff to do at home; if you’re stuck in the Easter break!

1# The Skincare Game

EasterThere’s no better time for a skincare routine than a nice well deserved break! Doing facials and homemade face masks and treatments is so relaxing, yet very fun.

And the end-result will be be amazing, since you’ll probably go back to work/university glowing next week!

2# Reading Books

EasterWho doesn’t just LOVE to get lost in a book for a few hours? Just choose the right one, and you’re in for a trip! Whether it’s romance or fantasy; you’ll get sucked in a whole new world and return to reality feeling more refreshed than ever!

(Also, at least, for the first time in forever, it won’t be a textbook!!)

3# Take Out and Binge Watching


Have you heard of Netflix and Chill? Well, of course. But honey, you won’t have to do it with anyone because you could easily pick one of the most anticipated series, order your take out from your favorite restaurant and get ready for a wild binge watching day/night!

4# DIYs

Okay, this is the MOST fun! Think of any project you’ve wanted to work on, and if you don’t have one in mind; you could easily look up stuff online and on YouTube to get inspired.

From painting frames to put up on your wall, to printing pictures/posters and playing with them; you could even make bracelets, accessories and literally anything to have fun and get CREATIVE!

(Also, that’s called taking some time off from the actual heavy work you’ll have to face after the break!)

5# Redecorating

EasterLook at your room! Isn’t it a bit dull and oldish? If your answer is yes or even no, it’s time for some redecorating anyway!

Cut up some stuff and put them on a board on the wall on top of your desk, put up some posters, change up the furniture, buy flowers and place them in a vase next to your bed…etc

You can do all that and more, then feel super refreshed and full of positive vibes after!

6# Changing up Playlists

EasterAren’t you tired of the same old music you’re listening to on your car rides every day? We know we are!

Then, it’s time for you to find some new tunes and look up some brand new hidden artists and albums to add to your playlist and gain a few different perspectives!

7# Plan for Upcoming Weeks


Yeah yeah, we know you might think this is boring! However, it’s really not. Especially, if you have colored highlighters, stickers and bookmarks!

Think of the rough few weeks ahead, set your goals and plan for them in a relaxing manner. We promise this will make you take the weeks after the break by a storm and in a positive spirit!

See? Staying at home ain’t so bad anymore! You just have to use the time and make the best out of it.

Have a fun and relaxing Easter vacation, everyone!