Staying home during Eid kind of sucks. However, if by any chance you’re one of those still quarantining in fear of the still-well-and-alive Covid-19 pandemic, Eid shouldn’t necessarily suck for you. Staying home could still be fun if you know how to spend your time!

This is why we came up with a few ideas to keep you entertained while staying at home this Eid:
1- DIY Project

Making pretty jewelry, acrylic paintings, seashell lanterns and more is amazing for keeping yourself busy with a new project and getting super creative when it comes to DIY. Also, it’s a known fact that making art is very therapeutic!

2- Redecorate Your Space

There’s nothing like a fresh newly-decorated space!

Use the time you have to give your room or even your whole house a makeover. You can get creative and use DIY home decor or shop the items online and begin the fun redecorating journey.

3- Binge-watch Series You’ve Been Putting Off

Even if you’ve been working from home or taking online classes for the past couple of months, still having the time to binge-watch a series or two is a form of luxury because of the daily life distractions.

Therefore, since you’re staying home anyway during the holidays – use it to catch up on all the series you’ve been putting off. You won’t even feel the time as it flies by once your eyes are glued to the screen.

4- Try New Recipes

What’s Eid without food? Whether or not you like the kitchen – trying new recipes and learning how to cook is always fun, especially if you do it with your cousins or close friends!

5- Play Card Games With Your Family Members

Card games are always there to kill time and boredom, so a little competition with your family members along with some snacks is always a great idea for a good laugh at home!

6- Lose Yourself In A Good Book

This is an obvious one, we’re aware. But we promise that time will fly if you pick the right book and lose yourself in it, especially if you’re already an avid reader! Use those few days off to finish at least a book or two on your endless reading list.

Have fun and let us know which idea you’re going for to entertain yourself at home this Eid!