People often shy away from sharing happy news with others, because they’re afraid others will jinx them. For example, I have some friends who don’t like posting a lot of happy pictures on social media because they fear people’s envy. While this is not necessarily true, it’s also not completely untrue. The truth is, there are keys to sharing your happiness with others that you must learn. These are ways to cure and get rid of your jinx forever:

1-If you Have Happy News, Share it, but Don’t Flaunt it

The way you present your happy news makes a big difference. For example, you just paid the last installment for your new villa and can’t wait to gather all your neighbors to tell them about it. How do you present your news? Do you go on and on about how massive your new house is and how you’re going to furnish it with ravishing and luxurious antiques? Do you share in intricate details how the new neighborhood is way fancier than the one you currently live in? Or do you share it in a modest way that lets them know you’re excited about moving, but that you’ll miss having them as neighbors?

2-Differentiate Between People who are Happy for your Happiness and People who are Happy for your Sadness

We all have a selfish side that we’re not highly proud of! Not everyone who loves you will always be happy for you. Your best friends will always support you no matter what, even if their own life is going downhill. But, not all of your close friends will cheer you on as you go. You might enthusiastically share big news with a couple of close friends, and although they will say all the right things and display all the right emotions, inside they might be burning up. And instead of feeling happy for you, the green-eyed monster will take them over. It is paramount to your own happiness to share the right news with the right people.

3-You Don’t Have to Tell Everyone That you’re Happy

Occasionally, people’s reactions to your news will just make you less excited about what you were gushing about 5 seconds earlier. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they weren’t happy for you, but people’s perspectives differ. They won’t perceive your news the same way you will. Sometimes, the rest of the world is just not as eager to hear your news as much as you would like to share it. That is a form of jinxing your own happiness through other people. You don’t need to persuade anyone to adopt your beliefs or scold anyone who doesn’t think like you. When people are happy, they don’t have to tell anyone about it. They’re just happy.

4-Be Happy for People

What goes around comes around! Ask yourself if you have ever had the evil eye for someone before. It happens sometimes when people tell you happy news and you’d find yourself boiling on the inside with jealousy, because you wish you were the one with the raise or the new apartment. Beware of your own feelings towards others, because karma will get you like she gets everyone.

5-Be Kind Even When They Aren’t

When you’re kind no matter what, people will be obliged to like you. You won’t be forcing them to, but they won’t have it in them to have negative feelings towards you. Even if they’re jealous or want what you have, they won’t be able to help wishing you the best.

6-Seek your Own Internal Validation First and Foremost

The most important thing to remember is to seek your own stamp of approval before you go around sharing your happy news. Most of us share our happy news when we indirectly need to be told that we’re doing okay. We share our good news, because sometimes we like it when we hear the words “Congratulations, you deserve it.” because we don’t always feel like we do in fact deserve it. This is why you need to seek your internal validation first and foremost.

If you have happy news and are ecstatic to share it with the world, keep these in mind so you wouldn’t subconsciously jinx your own happiness.