Have you got your invitation to the Duvet wedding yet?

There is no doubt about it, being single is hard. So hard that sometimes people just give up!

It is difficult to make it on your own in this world; we know it is really slim pickings out there! So we sometimes end up having to lower our standards and settle for less than our ideal partner.

But how much settling should you do?! 

Over the years, some people gave up on the search for a traditional partner. They just got so tired that they thought ‘To hell with it, I’m done with humans!’ And went a different way.

A very different way…

Case in point is what happened recently when a woman announced that she is getting married to her Duvet in February.

We understand that the bond one forms with their bed could be quite strong and know how hard it can be to let go of your warm embracing duvet.

I guess that’s why 49-year old Pascale Sellick decided to hold onto her duvet forever. LITERALLY.

She planned an inclusive honeymoon at Ikea’s bedroom department.

Watch until the end of the video for the wedding dress code… You won’t regret it.

This got us thinking about all the other times people showed a weirdly high level of commitment to non-human partners, very very unconventional partners.

1. A Pillow

Pascale was not the only one to proudly admit that sleep is the one true love she will ever need.

A couple of years back a South Korean man named Lee Jin-gyu threw a wedding ceremony celebrating his marriage to a fairly large pillow with an anime face drawn on it.

I guess a comfortable life is a happy life, ha?

2. His Picture

In China, Liu Ye demonstrated a high level of self-love when he threw himself a traditional marriage ceremony to a cardboard cut-out picture, of himself.

Because marrying yourself, that would be crazy!

Talk about unconditional love!

3. A Tree

We all heard of tree huggers, meet tree ….ers.

Emma McCabe took her love for nature a step too far when she decided to get engaged to a tree she named ‘Tim’ with which she claims to have regular sexual intercourse.

Well, that must’ve hurt…

4. Eiffel Tower

Everyone is fascinated with the Eiffel Tower to some degree. Well, guess what, the love icon is actually taken. Yes, just bear with us. 

In 2007, Erika la Tour Eiffel married the Eiffel Tower and changed her last name so she can be known as Mrs. Eiffel Tower.

Also, there is a documentary about Erika and Eiffel’s marriage. You can watch it here, but don’t hate us!

5. A Rollercoaster

What’s more fun than a rollercoaster ride? Apparently, for 65-year old Linda Ducharme, nothing is!

Around 2014, Linda made the ultimate commitment and exchanged wedding rings with a 70ft tall rollercoaster she called Bruce. Well, she exchanged rings, we are guessing Bruce didn’t have much to say about it. Watch the holy ceremony below.

6. A Goat

In a less romantic yet more disturbing setting, a Sudanese man named Mr. Tombe was forced to marry a goat in 2006 after having sex with it.

After getting caught, Mr. Tombe was tied up and taken to village elders who ruled that he has to pay a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars to the goat’s owner and take the goat as his wife, to rectify his mistake, of course.

Thankfully, the bride was still able to wear white at the wedding…

7. A Cockroach

On a lot more disturbing note, a Japanese man named Yuta Shinohara dated a cockroach he purchased from Africa for a year until God relieved the poor insect and took its life.

Apparently, Yuta was smitten with the cockroach which he named Lisa and longed to have sex with her\it.

You think it can’t get any more disturbing? Think again! After Lisa dies, Yuta ate it so “they could stay forever together”, he says.

You can hear him talk about their ‘relationship’ below, but at your own risk.

Sorry, not sorry!


Although scientifically, there are reasons behind these weird attractions, our jaws can’t really help but drop when we hear about them. I guess the world isn’t ready for human-object/ human-animal relationships yet! Maybe one day?