Strange things done in public restrooms
Public restrooms

Public restrooms are one of the most important places in the world that we definitely wouldn’t survive without. The one place that is able to gather people of all different ages, types and nationalities. The real comfort zone and actual place that literally and metaphorically puts up with our shit.

We’ve transformed public restrooms into meeting pointscrying stations, places to meet new friends, and ironically, places we’re really shy to actually poop in. Here are 9 things people do in public bathrooms:

#1 Meeting for a quick restroom gossip

Restroom gossips are just the best. Especially when you’re escaping from other duties or for exclusive gossip. They’re the best and funniest sometimes!

#2 Wait when everybody is gone to poop


I can’t recall a time when I didn’t have to do this. Why do we always wait for people to get out to poop? It’s ironic how we feel embarrassed to actually poop in the right place.

#3 Pretending to fix your hair when somebody comes in while you’re taking a mirror selfie

Who hasn’t taken at least one selfie in restrooms’ mirrors? Here’s how it works; make sure no one’s in there and then rock that selfie! Got caught? ACT NORMAL! Pretend to fix your hair!

#4 Make fun of other people pooping in the stalls and of the smell


For some reason, we get shocked sometimes hearing other people pooping in stalls and even laugh at the sounds or the smell. I think that’s where discomfort in pooping came from.

 #5 Cry in the restroom

Don’t we rush to restrooms to cry to avoid doing it in public? Sometimes we just can’t help it. Sometimes we just wanna go there and whine about work and other stuff.

#6 Using extra paper towels than the amount you need

What can I say about this one? Admit it. It happens if the paper towel is rolling perfectly. Why? You tell me – No one figured out the reason yet.

#7 Steal some paper towels


It’s like “Let me just take a few paper towels in case I need some or in case World War 3 happens. Just kidding, I have the flu. Do you want those?”

#8 Socialising with strangers who you will never see again

It’s impossible to get in any public restroom and not to chat with anyone around you. Be it a compliment or a question regarding something.

#9 Search for someone you know in other stalls by their shoes

This mostly happens at universities and work. You start searching for someone you might know in there by their shoes, because you don’t want to get back to your class or work.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done or witnessed in a public restroom? Tell us in the comments!