Apart from the materialistic world we live in, and the situations that pop up on a daily basis, some very unusual happenings inevitably take place. Our pragmatism made us unconsciously underestimate the power of our minds, making such events a mystery to this day! Science has been able to describe the strange phenomena befalling us but we still can’t FULLY account for their origins. They are simply outside of the psychological realm!  

Déjà vu

Deja vu is the feeling that you have been through an identical situation before! You strongly believe that it has already happened, and that it’s repeating itself all over again. The experience is usually unexpected and short-lived. It’s a rare moment where your present feels exactly like your past, for no good reason! In many cases, it is accompanied by a sense of delusion, where you find it really hard to recall or relate!


‘Have I been here before’ is the feeling you get when you’re going through Déjà Visite. It is an exceptional experience involving a mysterious knowledge of a totally new place. You are quite familiar with the surroundings, despite the fact that you have never been there before! Not only that, but you also know that it’s impossible to retrieve this knowledge elsewhere! Déjà Visite involves our geographical and spatial relationships, through a form of temporal occurrences. When you are there for the first time, it usually feels like ‘that’s my old home’!

Out Of Body Perception

This is how the story begins. You are a patient undergoing surgery and you’re under the effect of anaesthesia. Now, behold! You suddenly wake up to find yourself floating up in the ceiling. Guess what, the doctor is operating on you, and you glimpse a peculiar sign announcing your death! Your body is in shock, and you’re revived once more. Hours later, you wake up with the weirdest feeling ever! Of course! Your mind was functioning outside your body (they call it a near-death-experience). Your consciousness exceeded the boundaries of your physical body and surprisingly your death!