The Udaipur World Music Festival brings together to its venue in India artists from all around the world, including Spain, Ghana, Venezuela, Italy, and France.

It also brought together an array of brightly dressed individuals who caught the idea of style blogger Abhimanyu Singh Rathore.

Abhimanyu is a style blogger and photographer who is forever on the lookout for not just current trends but a fantastic personal style and loves capturing people on the streets of India. He has a deep appreciation for colourful Indian kitsch. He has also been documenting street style at ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival for the last 3 years. His blog is .

  • We're really feeling the soft-hued floral pants.
  • Boho is always in, right?
  • That hair is intense!
  • Yellow is the real way to make a statement.
  • Red on red? If it involves those shoes, yes please!
  • Annnnnd those cuffs though!