The weather here in Egypt needs a therapist. It seems to suffer some sort of identity crisis where it’s not sure whether it’s winter, summer or autumn but definitely not spring. One day, no one hour or actually one second, it’s sunny and beautiful then suddenly it’s dusty, stormy, windy, showering and literally awful. This is troublesome anywhere in the world and more so here in Egypt

  1. Asheel el shetwy wala akhaleeh


The big dilemma of whether to keep our winter clothes or remove them and replace them with our summer wardrobe instead is real. Should we remove the raincoat or keep it and even buy an umbrella.

2. Akhrog/Asafer wala la2

Should I stay or should I go! Honestly, the weather is being bipolar in a very critical time where we had a long weekend. Everyone was planning to travel then boom here’s a sandstorm that won’t let you go anywhere.

3. Breathing

Breathing is becoming impossible especially for people with sinusitis; they have swollen faces and their heads are beating like crazy. It feels like you’re breathing dust only.

4. You always look dusty

It’s commonly known that it’s very challenging to wear white or light colors in general in Egypt. It doesn’t stay white for long because of the pollution. But these days this assumption is not only limited to whites and light colors, it includes all other colors. Whatever you wear, even if black, you’ll look dusty.

5. The laundry, a.k.a. “EL GHASEEEEEEEL”

It’s normal these days to find your mum/wife running around the house screaming “El Ghaseeeeel” with agony and trying to save what could be saved from the laundry. It’s okay to find some items missing from el manshar, and what’s left is now even dirtier than before it was washed. Be kind to the person responsible for the laundry these days; they truly need your support.

6. Cars and traffic

Traffic is so unpredictable; either people are apprehensive of the storm so the streets are so empty and you reach your destination in no time, or it’s the complete opposite. You can reach your destination that usually takes half an hour in 5 hours flat (this happens when the weather catches us off guard). Some cars couldn’t even be identified from the amount of dirt on them, others had trees falling on them, and in some worst cases scenarios some cars actually sank.

7. Weddings

People couldn’t reach weddings they were invited to because Cairo turned into Venice (but a much worse version). And let me not start on outdoor weddings. Some weddings got postponed or even cancelled.

8. The suspense of “el 3asefa gaya emta” “weselet wala lesa”

The suspense of when is it coming? Is it coming or not? We keep anticipating and expecting, and it’s not coming. I think we started waiting for it instead of praying to avoid it. Because if it came we will at least get it over with and move on instead of the fear and waiting.

9. El alsh wel saf


Of course Egyptians would never miss a chance to crack a joke even in the most tragic circumstances. It’s something that runs in our blood; above are some alsh examples!


Anyway, yes we suffered and we still are but at least we had a good laugh as always. Keep the summer clothes, but have a raincoat and maybe a floater handy as well.