By Eman Osman
Ramadan is the perfect time for night-owls. The main meal is at dusk while snacking stretches till dawn. It’s rather something you’d hear in fairy tales, but as magical as it sounds, it’s not a joy for everyone. Especially for those who sleep early and are mentally very disoriented after midnight and can’t help but rise as soon as the sun is up. This one is for all the early sleepers and risers in Ramadan.

1- After iftar

You know you can’t help but fall asleep after stuffing yourself with food and still you try to keep your eyes open for as long as possible.


2- Waking up for sohour

It’s no pleasure walking around like a zombie trying to prepare food you’re too tired to eat.


3- Actually eating sohour

Trying to stuff one-self with food while half asleep always ends in a failed attempt. Going back to sleep is all you can think about.


4- Waking up in the morning

Waking up early in Ramadan makes you feel like you’re the only person on the planet. All your friends and family are still asleep and you have no one to keep you company.

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5- Going out before iftar

If you’re planning on hanging out with your friends before iftar, dream on. Everyone is either sleeping or drooling on themselves; any attempt to drag your friends out of bed is completely useless.


This miserable cycle lasts for a whole month. But despite the struggles, everyone can still find joy and entertainment throughout the holy month even if it seriously messes with their sleep-schedule.