Ever lived alone? Enjoyed the independence? Well, it’s time for the little birdie to fly back home to the nest.

You’ll always be my little boy

Let’s start off with the obvious. No matter how experienced you are in life, it’s inconceivable for your parents to view you as nothing more than that helpless infant who needed help to tie their shoe laces. But you’ve lived on your own for several years, and you’ve now sort of become your own parent and started to get the hang of this “taking care of yourself” phenomenon you’ve been hearing so much about, up until this point in your life. Annoyances could vary from curfews or your parents becoming reporters drilling you about where you’re going. Either way, you need to have an honest talk and set some boundaries from the get go.

You have to assimilate to their routines again

Independence has its perks. It’s your space and your roof and you can have things done whenever and however you choose to. Whereas when you’re living with your parents, your methodology of completing the simplest of tasks has to be put on hold, for example, your mother might like the room to be cleaned a different way than you would prefer.

A massive change in lifestyle

You’re going to go from house parties and late night guests at your own convenience to spending your weekdays and weekends doing ‘parenty’ activities or having to sensor how you spend your time when you’re at home. Playing music at the loudest volume possible isn’t so possible anymore; moms and pops won’t like that too much.

Constant chatter

Of course you love your parents as much as the next guy, but what they don’t understand is, sometimes you need some time alone, some time to just reflect on all the major and minor tribulations whilst sitting there and staring at the wall or ceiling, depending on what angle you’ve crashed in. I mean life’s a different ball game now; you’ve got to make money and actually learn how to adult. Big things bro, big things.

They love you; just don’t let them smother you.