How many times have you, a woman, wished the guy in your life would be somehow transformed into a woman? Not just for the sake of it, but for men to realize the pain all women have to endure.

Instead of spreading rumors and making jokes all over about how Egyptian women are the masters of dread or “Nakad“, we thought we could talk some sense into Egyptian men.

What is PMS? What does it do exactly?

First things first. PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is the physical and emotional state that all women experience right before their period. Though symptoms vary from one woman to another, this is the jest of it.

Mood changes, irritation, back pain, low blood pressure, bloating, tender breasts, acne and more. Now, this happens a week or two prior to the period and those symptoms are pretty much inevitable!

We are not, by any means, victimizing our gender. Women were born this way and it just proves what a high threshhold for pain we have. But honestly, we feel like men are lucky for not having to go through the same PMS routine every month.

So, period shaming us for being moody or grumpy is not exactly helping anyone. How about, instead, we start to change men’s attitude towards our monthly visitor?

Changing the negative talk about PMS!

We are not talking big over-the-top changes. But simply, a new and improved approach towards the issue that reflects understanding, tolerance and consideration.

To get there, you as a woman, will need to sit down and finally have that talk with your partner, father, brother or even boss. You can start by explaining what PMS is and how it affects your body.

Mentioning the fact that 75% of women around the world experience the same symptoms might help your case a lot!

In simpler terms..

You are not dreadful. You are sensitive, too conscious and moody. You could laugh too loud and suddenly cry too hard over the least inconvenience.

You are not dramatic. Your tolerance level decreases a huge amount and you can’t handle pressure well. So, you end up picking fights all over.

You are not depressive. But when you have PMS symptoms, you feel insecure, pessimistic and gloomy.

You are not lazy. PMS makes you weak, vulnerable and less productive in general. So your daily routine is bound to be affected.

You are not a brat. You are entitled to wear your pajamas all day, eat comfort food and sleep longer.

Finally, a word to men. This is not about you, this is about the women in your life. Any instability women have during that time is out of their control. This is a hormone thing.

And you offering them your support and understanding will sure make everyone’s life easier. As women, we don’t want people avoiding us or calling us “crazy”. Seriously, if there’s anything worse than having PMS , it’s being shamed for it!