Traveling is fun but due to some cultural differences, some Egyptians may sometimes find it hard to cope abroad.

Here are some struggles that Egyptians abroad know to be true:

Unfortunately, finding a shatafa abroad is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s true that you never know the value of something until it’s gone. Luckily, we live in the era of portable shatafas!


El Salam 3aleikom bro!
A muslim abroad? Then, you must have been asked thousands of times about the kind of aerobic exercises you were performing when you were actually just praying. Or you might have found that crazy friend of yours imitating your moves, mistaking you for meditating since you’re not answering him.


Are you a lesbian?
Ouch! Many Egyptian girls get baffled by that question abroad. It all starts with repelling guys from kissing her to refusing to date them, afraid of how the relationship would progress. And the struggle never ends!


Let’s party like ANIM…SHIT!
Before traveling, you were daydreaming about the day you’d go clubbing abroad. The  house music, the hot girls and guys everywhere, drinking and jumping like crazy all around the place. But shockingly, not every party is like this. If you’ve been to Brazil for example, you must have learnt to “samba” party. Heart breaking huh!

Sorry to disappoint you; we don’t ride camels!
Once you mention abroad that you’re Egyptian, you get showered with silly questions such as how long does it take you to get to work by camel? Or how does it feel to live inside the pyramids?!


I don’t speak “alien”!
Have you ever been caught speaking Arabic by one of your foreign friends? Or have they seen you texting in Arabic alphabet? If yes, then congratulations, you’re not human, you’re an alien in disguise!

I’m not eating .. Whatever this is!
If you’ve tried the “grenouille à la crème” in France or “fried cockroaches” in China, then you must have regretted the day you left Egypt and missed your mom’s wara2 3enab and mesa2a3a!



We must admit it, no matter where we go, the feeling of homesickness overwhelms us every now and then..