Written by: Pakinam Ahmed

In life, making decisions is one of the unescapable things that we have to do on a daily basis. For girls, one of those toughest decisions is how to style our hair. Seriously! The struggle is real, especially for girls with curly hair; they are the real heroines. Dealing with your curly hair is like a ghost that keeps haunting you, you’ll never be able to escape from it.

Being one of the curly hair gene victims, I have realized that taking care of your curly hair is like taking care of your baby. You have to look after it, pamper and nourish it. If by chance you neglect it for a while, you’ll be amazed by how angry it gets. And trust me, you don’t want to see it angry.

In tribute to all people who have curly hair, you’re not alone. We all share the same following struggles.

#1 Humidity is your worst enemy

Curls and humidity don’t mix, ever. We get scared whenever we hear: summering in the North Coast. You know it, it’s the time when humidity takes over.

#2 Brushing Dry Curly hair

People have no clue of how curly hair looks like if brushed while it’s still dry. Just a big ball of undefined frizzy hair. That’s why we never touch our curls when they’re dry.

#3 Dilemma of whether to wash your hair after the pool/sea or leave it

For some reason, sea salt makes the perfect curls, the defied curls that we daydream about every day. It aches our hearts to have to wash it afterwards.

#4 The amount of time and money we spend on hair products

You’re always on a mission trying to find out which product best suits the needs of your curly hair. You try millions of them, but never reach a conclusion.

#5 Setting a schedule for your hair, how hard can life get!

It wasn’t supposed to be that complicated. First, know what time you’re going out. Second, calculate how long it takes for your hair to dry and form the magic curls. Third, decide when to wash your hair. And voila!

#6 Bobbles, please bear with us

The countless bobbles that you lose verses the bobbles that you have to cut because they got tangled in your curly hair. I think the next step will be building a Bobble Factory.

#7 Losing motivation when straightening your hair

You’re half through straightening your hair when suddenly your bicep muscles start to weaken and you regret taking that decision and start missing your curly hair.

#8 If exercising is worth the hairwash

Should we? That mentally exhausting decision of whether we’ll need to wash our curly hair after we exercise. We’d rather gain extra pounds that lose our curls.

#9 We have to confront some nagging

Your mum saying “hatenzeli mankoosha keda?” is enough to ruin your day. Thanks mum.

Embrace your hair, just like Eman el Deeb did. Don’t forget to give this article a read to know how others with curly hair have decided not to give up on their curls and natural beauty. Curly hair is a blessing, only when you know how to deal with it.