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By Eman Osman
We all have that one friend who just really doesn’t give a crap about a lot of things. Not because they’re cold-hearted but rather because their area of interests is very limited. If you don’t have that friend, chances are you are that friend… or your life sucks because everyone needs one of those people! Here are some struggles of people who give absolutely zero [email protected]#%&!


1- Gossip

Some people are just not interested in gossip. It doesn’t mean they’re boring or antisocial. It just means that they don’t care what Sarah did last week or why Omar and Farah broke up for the third time. They just don’t like to interfere in other people’s business because they know that whatever anyone else is doing with their life will absolutely not affect them in any way.


2- Arguments

Some people just don’t like arguing with you and that is for many reasons. One of them is because arguing in 98% of the cases doesn’t lead to a final solution. So please do us a favor and don’t start arguing because we will let you “win” the argument and letting you act all childish on us doesn’t help with the temper.


3- First Impression

Apologies in advance for I can tell you that in most cases when someone asked me what my first impression of them was, I made that s#&% up. Perhaps it is because I don’t have any expectations and I’m just waiting to fully get to know you before I judge. Let’s be real: Most of the time the person turns out to be completely different than your “first impression”.


4- Opinions

“Hey, can I have your opinion on ….?” is just the worst sometimes, especially when it comes from complete strangers. I have absolutely no clue if that dress makes you “look fat”.

Listen to me please: I do not know what YOU like or don’t like. I do not know what YOUR definition of skinny/fat is. Please remember that!

giphyWe’re not bad people. We’re just people who are very passionate about one thing and disinterested in all the rest.