Not all of us get to escape Cairo all summer long. But for those of us who can’t, it usually becomes extra hard to enjoy ourselves and unwind from all the stress and burdens of our day-to-day life. 

However, thankfully, it has now become easy to capture that same much-needed escapism right here in Cairo. How? Just head down to The Nile-Ritz Carlton and let yourself get serenaded in the luxurious bubble they offer far from all of the city’s bustle. 

This summer, the Nile Ritz-Carlton is paying extra attention to details, so they’ve prepared a full-on therapeutic experience, body, mind, and soul, ALL of you will get pampered. 

The Cabanas

Say hello to your home far from home this summer; the hotel’s luxurious pool cabanas by the Olympic-sized swimming pool surrounded by breezy palm trees and overlooking magical views of the Cairo Tower. 

To make sure you have no worries while you indulge yourself by the side of the pool, the hotel took care of your little ones for you and prepared a fun kids’ cabana and play area so you, as parents, get a chance to enjoy your peace of mind. 

Aqua Pool Bar 

One thing we all need to do on summer vacation is pamper ourselves a bit more than usual. Well, the Nile-Ritz will pamper you A LOT! More specifically, the Nile-Ritz’s Aqua pool bar and restaurant will. 

Comes July, Aqua is having some VERY enticing offers and promotions. On July 1st, Aqua is having a beer promotion where for every three beers, guests will get a fourth complementary one. 

Also, in honor of July 17th, the World’s National Hot Dog Day, Aqua is having a delicious hotdog and beer promotion all month long. 

During the day, Aqua represents the best atmosphere for light snacking and sipping on some refreshing drinks by the pool.

While at night, Aqua turns into a vibrant adult space overlooking the pool where people can indulge themselves and have a sensational summer mood as they sip on refreshing cocktails and relax to the groovy tunes played by the loungy DJ and/or live entertainment. 

The Nile Ritz-Carlton Spa 

Time to tend to your body and soul and the perfect place to do so is the Nile Ritz-Carlton Spa. In the hotel’s spa, you’ll find an option for every mood and need of yours. 

Starting with the ever-so-sweet aroma of fresh strawberries and mangoes to the hydrating glow-inducing treatments offered such as the full body exfoliating and soothing massages. And this year, the hotel’s spa is offering the Aloe Vera get treatment for sunburnt recovery. 

That’s not all, the Nile Ritz-Carlton Spa is also offering exclusive annual membership packages for guests to get in shape and pampered for the summer months, you can find both single and couple membership. For each membership, you get different offers and promotions from discounts to guest invitations. 

The Nile Ritz-Carlton Spa guarantees a re-energizing and soothing experience all around. From the beautiful setting, the majestic view on the Nile River and Cairo Tower, to the calming scents of jasmine and the soft glow of candlelight. 

So whether you are staying in the hotel or not, you really can’t afford to skip a trip to the Nile Ritz-Carlton Spa, because believe us, your summer NEEDS it. 

In fact, whether you are stuck in Cairo or traveling somewhere, you MUST make time out of your vacation to go spend some time at the Nile Ritz, because if you haven’t, you will miss out on one of the most rejuvenating and serenading experiences of your life.