SEV-CUT, a team of Cairo University Engineering students, designed a solar electric vehicle to participate in the World Solar Challenge in Australia, an international 3500 km solar-powered car race, as well as other international competitions related to solar energy. #بنلف_مع_الشمس


The team’s concept is to design and manufacture a highly efficient solar car, which is new to Egypt. They are facing many problems including securing the manufacturing and shipping budget, which will exceed 2 million EGP. That didn’t stop them, however, as they managed to raise a large amount from the manufacturing cost.

Lastly, what guided them through the process is the race, which takes place every two years and is organized by the International Solar Federation. The race is based on a partnership between a foreign team and a hosting team. For team SEV-CUT’s luck, they were the hosting team. They hosted the team of Bochum University from Germany, one of the leading teams in the domain. This aided the Egyptian team to overcome a number of their technical and design gaps.