It’s that time of the year again. No, we’re not referring to Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, we’re talking about not so magical times, and by that we mean final exams time. For all students who are currently freaking out over the fact that finals are around the corner and haven’t studied yet, don’t worry. We’re here to help you be fully prepared for these hectic times. Here’s your guide to prepare for finals:


1 – Make a Studying Schedule


A studying schedule will help you classify subjects from the easiest to the hardest to be able to estimate the time required to study each subject. Give yourself a time range between every subject or project, so you don’t get bored or tired of what you’re doing.


2 – Don’t Panic


Feel that you’re running out of time? Too stressed to study? Can’t figure out what to do anymore and gave up on the chance of passing this semester? Whatever you’re feeling right now, let it go and don’t panic. We repeat, DO NOT PANIC. It doesn’t matter if finals are a month away, a week or even two hours away, the most important factor of passing finals is not to panic. Relax, take your time to fully process what’s happening and deal with it like a pro. Improvisation and comedy is the best solution to conquer panic attacks.


3- Stop Procrastinating


Procrastinating is the nemesis of all students. After devising the studying schedule and conquering panic attacks, procrastinating hits you so hard making you lose track of time. Instead of actually studying, you end up binge watching TV shows. What you must do is remove all distracting gadgets such as cellphones, TV or video games. Enough with binge watching even though it’s tempting, and concentrate solely on studying.


4- Motivate Yourself


Find motivation to carry on and study the effin crap out of the curriculum. Play ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or ‘I got the Power’. Watch inspirational movies or just read fortune cookies. Do what makes you feel powerful and strong. Our advice just watch Shia Lebeouf’s ‘Do it’ video; it works like sorcery.


5 – Study with Friends


The feeling you get when you study with friends and knowing that all of you are equally screwed is a pretty hysterical feeling. But joking aside, group study works every time. You get support and encouragement as friends have your back and help you learn the subjects. Eventually, you end up actually opening the text book and understanding its content.


6- Leave Relationship Drama for Now


Finals are a critical time and it can’t handle any more pressure, distraction or drama for that matter. So if you’re in a relationship or even crushing on someone, put the relationship, crushing/stalking aside. It will help you clear your mind and stay more focused for what to come. We’re not suggesting you dump your loved ones, but all the drama and fighting has to be put on hold at least until the finals are out.


7- Get your Parents’ Blessings


A mother’s prayers and a father’s blessings are the keys to survive life. During finals week, make sure to be the perfect offspring they ever had. Obey them, don’t argue and beg for forgiveness. Parents will be your biggest supporters and will even volunteer to study with you. Just remember that obeying your parents is not temporary; it’s a full time job.


8- Always Have Plan B


Just kidding, we don’t encourage you to cheat “wink wink”. But seriously, don’t cheat. We mean it. Don’t.


Students, you still got time to save yourself. It doesn’t matter if you spent the entire semester fooling around. Believe that you can study hard and then you will be ready for anything. Brace yourself, and may the odds be in your favor.