Study Guide

The Easter break exists for two kinds of people: Those who go out and travel, and those who are stuck at home trying to prepare themselves for the finals storm after the break.

And we’re here to tell you, you’re not alone. Here are some tips and tricks to get everything done, while staying motivated and productive!

1. Organization and Planning

Believe us, organization is KEY! Set the atmosphere and get ready by organizing your desk/workspace and planning your day.

Study Guide

Study Guide

Like, what are you going to study first? Which topics are you going to focus on? Make a to-do-list, write down all of that. And then, the more you check the boxes by getting things done, the more things you would want to get done. We promise!

2. Studying and Meditative Music

Sometimes it gets hard to stay focused because your mind wanders to many places. Not to mention picking up your phone every 5 seconds.

Study Guide

Well, if you look up studying meditative music on YouTube or in any playlist on Spotify or Anghami; the relaxation mood will be set, you will get no headaches, and you’re going to get lost in the things you need to get done for as long as possible!

3. Power Naps

Staying focused for too long gets tiring and gives you sleepy eyes. But no, that doesn’t mean you need to stop everything and sleep for 14 hours.

Study GuideIt just means you need a break to refresh your mind and get energized; which is why a power nap is a perfect solution!

(A power nap means closing your eyes and relaxing for a minimum of 10 minutes, while the maximum is 60 for boosting the memory)

Another quick tip: Going to bed and waking up early will help you start off and end your day on the right track!


Who doesn’t LOVE coffee? For all the coffee addicts, making and flavoring your favorite coffee in the morning will get you excited for working and studying!

Study Guide

However, don’t over-drink it because it gets dangerous. And if you exceed three cups a day, the effect you long for will keep fading.

Which is why you need to balance between your coffee intake and the super beneficial power naps to stay awake and productive!

Also, don’t forget to reward yourself with a snack or two in the middle of the day!

5. Studying Outside

Yes, it’s great to create a nice working space to study but sometimes it can get boring and lead you to lose motivation.

Study Guide

Studying outside can keep you from falling asleep, and will boost your productivity level.

Working in a cozy coffee shop can be so inspiring because most of the time, you’re surrounded by fellow students who are also doing the same while sipping on their favorite drinks!

Trust us, if you follow these tips, you’re definitely going to ace your finals!