Overthinking is a curse. It’s the devil’s work. It’s evil!! Over-thinkers usually think of the stupidest, most irrelevant things that could be thought of. When it comes to dating, we suffer. Girls, and guys too, could overthink about everything that’s happening in dates to the point of staying single forever!


I don’t think I ever overthought a real deal breaker, when it came to dating, but I usually think of such stupid stuff.

  • Know everything about him before you go on the date

You basically have to know everything about him, his friends, his family, and ask the mo5abarat about him  before you decide to date him. What if he’s a serial killer? A rapist? A pedophile? What if he was the random person who spit in the street and it got on my shoe? Yup, he’s definitely a serial killer.

  • They’re only offering to pick you up so they can kidnap you later



  • What if we don’t share the same interests?

Am I able to form a relationship with someone who isn’t obsessed with Game of Thrones like me? Who’s his favorite Friends character? You simply ignore everything he’s saying and think of the silliest things ever!

  • Surprises aren’t really your thing

You can’t be expected to go out on a date without knowing everything that will happen. What if I’m overdressed? What if I’m underdressed? Should I wear heels? Sneakers? TOO MANY QUESTIONS!


  • There’s always a hidden meaning

He’s giving me a compliment because he wants to kill me and eat my flesh, not because I deserve it. Ma3roofa!

  • Letting me pick the place is not the brightest idea

There are too many places to choose from. We literally end up making a list of pros and cons of all the places we went to, research the places we didn’t go to, and it’s just too stressful!

  • Going on a date after work (Or college) is hell

Should I finish work early to have time to get home and change, or do I meet right after work? Are my clothes fitting for going to work and a date after?  TOO MANY THOUGHTS!

  • “I’ll meet you at night”

When is “night”? 7pm? 10 pm? 3 am? WHEN?

  • What do I eat?

If I order a burger, would I still look classy? If I pick the salad, will I seem pretentious? What if he’s a vegetarian? Do I even want to eat? What’s the meaning of life? Why am I here?


  • We realize we’re overthinking…

…So we start overthinking.