The story of the suicide attempt that has been taking all social media by storm is claimed to be fake news!

We recently talked about a suicide attempt that has been circulating social media over the past couple of days.

The whole story came to light due to a viral Facebook post about the story of a boy who tried to kill himself and a picture of him sitting on the train tracks in a train station in Alexandria.

Journalist Tamer Abdo Amin who wrote the post told the story of how a young boy tried to kill himself because he was being bullied about his teeth until he saved him and got him off the tracks.

However, Al Watan News just released a video shot from a surveillance camera of one of the stores in the train station where the incident took place.

The video’s content proves that Tamer’s story is not true.

The video, supposedly, shows the boy in question being followed by two other boys. He is seen walking on the pavement with his bag in his hands which Tamer claimed in his post that the boy didn’t have.

He is also seen -from afar- engaging in a physical fight with those two other boys resulting in him falling off the pavement and onto the tracks. He appeared to hurt his leg in the process, so he limped and sat on one of the tracks, specifically, on the empty space between the tracks, where the train does not pass.

After a few minutes, one of those two boys comes down the pavement and tries to help the boy off the tracks but he keeps resisting him. However, in the end, he manages to get him off the tracks before the train comes in.

Another thing Tamer claimed in his post is that people did not pay the slightest attention to the boy sitting on the tracks. However, in the video, you can see people on both pavements stopping to see what’s going on and whether the boy gets safely off the tracks or not.

According to the guy who works in the shop which caught the incident on its cameras, Tamer’s entire role in this incident took abut 20 seconds during which he pulled out his phone, took the picture he posted, then walked away.

According to Al Watan, they have tried to contact Tamer before they found that video to know more about the story, but he refused to disclose any further information than what was in the post claiming that this is what the boy’s family wants!

Today, and after Al Watan newspaper released this video and an article referring to the story as “the lie of the bullying boy”, Tamer released another Facebook post defending his previous one.

In the post, Tamer stands by his previous words and states that he has his reasons for not going into any further details regarding a matter that concerns other people. However, he does clarify that he has never sought fame or popularity through his social media and has never shared news he is not “95% sure of”.

He also hints that this whole thing is a conspiracy against him for some vindictive personal reasons without giving a name or direct quote. He basically stood by his words and stated that he won’t be seeking credibility from anyone and those who know him will know if he is the kind of person to do such a thing or not.

He did, however, remove his post which kind of contradicts with what he is saying.

Although he did not clarify any further details to clear his name, the majority of people in the comments are siding with and supporting him claiming Al Watan is the one that is lying.

When we, ourselves saw Tamer’s first post, we were shocked by this heartbreaking story and horrified for this young boy. Which is why we wrote an article about it.

Before we wrote the first article and before writing this one, we tried to do our part of the research and find as much information about this incident as possible.

However, since no further information has been disclosed about the young boy himself, all the remaining sources are still doubtful.

Yet, we chose to write the articles anyway; and the reason is the following:

As for our first article, it was not just about one boy attempting to commit suicide. It was about acknowledging people’s struggles with mental illness and suicidal thoughts.

We do believe that there are a lot out there who are going through emotional and mental hell, and unless there is awareness and actual change, we will continue to lose tortured souls to suicide.

As for this article, we do not claim to know the truth. We cannot claim which side is truthful and which is lying, and we can not claim to know the whole story.

However, that is not what matters to us. What we see is this; there is a young boy in trouble. And that boy is what matters. The biggest mistake being made here is ignoring the person in struggle and focusing on what the scoop of the story is and who is right and who is wrong.

Instead of focusing on what Tamer did or didn’t do and what he said in the video, how about focusing on the boy himself? Here is what we get from it:

– What we see is that this young boy was, in fact, being bullied by two boys whoever they are, whether seriously or as a joke. In the end, he fell and hurt his legs.

– He was pushed down the tracks, which is extremely dangerous. And there were no security in sight.

– He did resist getting off the tracks which, in fact, indicates an impulsive suicidal attempt.

To us, this is what matters most, the person struggling, and that is exactly what everyone should be focusing on! 

Because in the end, the pain of many is real even if one lied about it.

The positive thing we get from this, though, is that people do care. When Tamer posted his first post, numerous people interacted in the comments asking him to help them reach that boy so they can help him whether to fix his teeth or in any way.

Even when we published our first article, a dentist in Alexandria reached out to us to help her reach the boy because she wanted to fix his teeth for him for free.

So regardless of who is telling the truth and whether or not this boy was being bullied and wanted to kill himself -which we think he does-, at the end of all of this, there is a silver lining…

And the silver lining we choose to get from all of this is that there is still hope! Hope for everyone out there being bullied, going through something they don’t understand, or contemplating suicidal thoughts. Hope they’ll see people supporting this boy and know that they won’t be judged or looked at differently if they speak up.

But again, for them to do that, all they need is AWARENESS. To understand what they are going through, and to know that there is help out there and be shown how to get it.

If we stop focusing on who is right and who is wrong and only focus on that, we won’t have any future cases of suicide or almost-suicide attempts.