Saba Mubarak, starring in this Ramadan’s Al Ahd, is a Jordanian actress with an impressive career in Arab cinema. She is a first rate performer in Arab drama and has performed in over 40 T.V. productions, including “Khaled bin el Waleed” and “Tawq Al Asphalt.” Saba began her accomplished career by studying theater acting and directing at Yarmouk University. She has received awards for her work such as Best Actress Award in the Middle East Film Festival in Italy, Best Jordanian and Arab Actress award in Tyche Awards in Jordan, and also has been dubbed “Queen of Hearts.”

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Why should we watch “El 3ahd” this Ramadan and what should we expect?

In my point of view, Al 3ahd series is worth watching and different than all other Ramadan series this year. Al 3ahd is about the struggle for power and rule, and how norms and traditions became much more important than rights in our community.

The series includes a number of actors and actresses from Egypt and the Arab world in a heroic group of complicated characters that don’t belong completely to good or absolute evil, but to both sides. The director Khaled Marie and the writer Mohamed Amin Rady both worked really hard to provide the best possible ways to make this series happen.

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What is special about shooting for Ramadan series? What makes the experience different than shooting for other shows?

Ramadan series start shooting just a few months before Ramadan, for production reasons, which makes it very exhausting for the actors – especially if they’re working on more than one series. It means long hours of shooting, preparing and researching. Shooting outside of Ramadan is more flexible, but you still have to be committed. In this field of work, time equals money, and the producers have to benefit from every day and keep the budget to a minimum.

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What do you do to destress from the pressure of it all?

At the end of the day, an actress is a human being, so therefore I spend my time doing what any other person would: sports, travel, personal interest, quality time with friends and family, and so forth.



Why are you so passionate about acting and what advice do you have for young girls who want to get into the field?

I grew up in an artistic family. I loved acting and studied it. I love what I do and do what I love. Therefore, I’m passionate about all forms of art and always work on developing myself. Besides, if utilized properly, it’s an essential tool to change society and contains nobel messages towards humanity and society. And this is probably one of the most important reasons that I work in the entertainment scene as an actor, director, and producer.

I would tell young girls that being ambitious is one of the most beautiful blessings God gave us. Working hard and enthusiastically make life worthwhile. Acting is a job, but it’s based on talent. If anyone has talent he must shape it with education and knowledge. I encourage anyone with talent and ambitions to take this experience, and I would tell them to work hard and remember that acting doesn’t mean being a superstar. Being a superstar is your reward for working hard.

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After you finish shooting the Ramadan series, how do you plan to spend your summer? 

The month of Ramadan is special to me. Of course, the month might start without me finishing filming, but after filming is finished, I will accompany my family on summer vacation. To me, family always comes first and is the most important thing in my life. I haven’t decided the destination of the travels yet, but the important thing is that I am with my friends and family.

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Do you enjoy any outdoor activities, such as swimming, diving, or hiking? 

Naturally I am a fan of sports and nature. I spend a long time on a daily basis in the gym as well as trying to spend time jogging or walking outside in nature. I love swimming, I try to do it as much as possible, and I also love kickboxing.