Not long now until Winter waves its last goodbyes to us; and summer takes its place with the sunshine and soft wind blowing at our faces. Which means that NOW is the time to start getting the summer body and whatnot ready.

And for that reason, we’ll need to work with all the beauty essentials we can get our hands on this Winter, from body care to hair treatments, our summer is about to get 10 times better in the easiest way possible:

Why is it going to be so easy? Simply because WHAM Clinics’ services are an endless cycle of really amazing stuff all about ‘Balanced Beauty’ for women and anywhere you are, you’ll find a branch near you whether in Tagamo3, Sheikh Zayed and Alexandria

What do we need for the summertime that Wham has?

1# Summer Body

The upcoming season is all about summer body and now is the time to work on it, especially that Winter is basically made for eating a crazy amount of food ALL THE TIME.

In order to fix this and become summer ready; Wham Clinics are providing weight loss programs and BODY CONTOURING, YOU GUYS!

All using Fat reduction to skin tightening and most importantly, anti-cellulite machines! WHAM took body contouring to a whole new level; honestly what more do we need?

2# Face

Okay, it’s not all about the body, are we wrong? We need to take care of our beautiful faces too, women! That’s why the service is also providing all kinds of cosmetology (Botox, fillers, dermapen, mesotherapy and most importantly, Hifu for a refined and nonexistent double chin!)

3# Hair

More like THE REAL DEAL! A woman’s hair is one of – if not THE most – important thing about her.

And it’s often exposed to harm and damage which usually leads to major hair fall. But no worries because WHAM are offering hair loss treatment and you’re going to enjoy your long and healthy hair at the beach soon through their PRP Plasma service!

 4# Skin Care

For all women out there, especially those who struggle with skin problems, there are also laser services and skin nutrition through Plasma. In addition to Fractional Laser for treating wrinkles, light lines, age spots and improving skin texture! Want something even better? There is face-lifting too you guys!

5# Hair Removal

Listen up ladies, isn’t the whole hair removal thing just tiring and exhausting for us? We all know and understand this!

However, looks like it won’t be ruining your lives anymore because WHAM are not just the best at everything they offer, they’re also mostly known for providing the best CANDELA laser services for Hair Removal ever!

Also, as a VERY important Bonus Point, the doctors at WHAM are honestly the best; just know you’re going to be in safe hands as soon as you get there! They perfectly convey WHAM’s message and the results are far beyond just guaranteed. 


There you go girls, you’re about to get pampered, ready and glowing for the summertime, you really don’t wanna miss this amazing experience, we promise! 

For more info and reservations: 16867