Mid-Year Break

It’s this time of year again. School’s out and the workload is getting lighter, so we know that means: boredom. Don’t worry, though. When the kids get too restless or the girls start messaging you for fun ideas to do, you can always turn to us.

Go for the Physical Road

Instead of stressing yourself out to find something to keep the kids active and yourself busy, why don’t you take your group to something fun?

You can start by visiting the Gravity Code amusement center in the 5th Settlement for some gravity-defying fun. If you’re not impressed, you can visit one of Cairo’s many escape rooms and add a sense of excitement to the night.

Still not buying? Well, you can keep active by taking self-defense or aikido classes to improve all of your group’s physicality.

Pamper Yourself

We’ve got the kids (and your more active friends) covered, so now, naturally, we’ve got to focus on you! This mid-year break; take a break from all your responsibilities and pamper yourself through a fully-fledged spa day.

Practice aromatherapy, home or elsewhere, and send yourself sailing to another plan of relaxation with all the essential oils you can get your hands on!

Satisfy Your Nostalgia

Way back when, cruise trips were all the rage and for good reason. Now, you can return to those glory days by booking a cruise to Luxor and Aswan for you and yours in a trip that just never gets old.

Another trip that will never get old is the classic daytrip to Alexandria, where you can enjoy an enchanting winter with all the old favorites in the culinary game.

Plan for an Adrenaline Rush

If you want something relatively new and exciting, you can always go for a hiking trail in the Wadi Degla Protectorate in Cairo or the Valley of Whales in Fayoum.

You can also go for a horse-ride in Fagnoon by the stunning view of the Pyramids or some skydiving fun, where you learn before you take your flight over the heart of the city.

Make the most of this break!