There are very few things in life that can irk you so much for reasons you really cannot explain and have no control over. Like, someone getting your order mixed up when you’re out with friends or someone taking over your parking spot momentarily. Or, you know, your friends just not watching that TV show you recommended to them.

Sure, objectively, you have no reason to be upset because it’s just a suggestion but still. Just why, you may think, don’t they watch that thing you recommended?

Well, we may have come up with a few reasons why they just don’t and never will watch anything you recommend. Read up!

You’re too persistent about it

Stop talking about your recommendation all the time. Please, just don’t do it. Literally every time you mention your recommendation, your friend’s eyes probably roll so far back into their eyeballs, they get migraines.

And this is why they just won’t watch it. Mention it once and you get their interest. Mention it twice and three times and four times and your show is on their “blocked” list.

They just have a different taste

Yes, it could be that simple. You and your friend could just have different tastes that never align and this is why your friend doesn’t even want to bother with seeing the show.

If you think about it, it makes sense. And if your recommendation might fit their taste after all, just explain that better.

Your recommendation sucks

We hate to say it. But come on, this is a pretty huge possibility and you probably thought about it already.

Maybe you just don’t know how to recommend TV shows — maybe the shows you watch are in your niche and not everyone else’s. It happens!

They’re procrastinators

And sometimes, your friends are actually planning on watching your recommendations. They just love taking their sweet time on their way to binge-watching. But, hey, to each their own.

They like irking you by not watching

Kinda pointless and a little petty, isn’t it? Well, to your friends, this could be the height of fun! Some people just like annoying others to get a rise out of them by any means necessary.

And your friends could be filed under this category. Our condolences, but this is a real faction.

If it’s been 84 years and they still haven’t watched that show you told them about, that show is probably dead to them.