There are many speculations that today’s generation is being lazy when it comes to education. However, older generations do not think about the challenges the younger generations have to go through.

Pressure of Getting Accepted

Firstly, when applying to university, we feel immensely pressured. The stress felt when applying to the university of choice is a type of stress past generations do not understand. A few decades ago, our parents and grandparents had limited options that were made available to them according to their grades. Today, the possibility of choosing the university that suits all circumstances is close to non-existent. First, it is choosing the university that suits your financial status. Then, making sure the grades satisfy the unreasonable requirements. Third is applying, and finally, waiting to be accepted. Or rejected.

Settling On A Major that ‘Will Give You A Career’ 

Settling on a major is also a hectic process. After finally enrolling into the university, choosing a major you like that will also open doors for a stable career is difficult. We’ve heard “that won’t give you a career” so many times, but not all studying is about finding a career.

The Drastic Change Between School and University 

The radical transition from being known constantly, to not being known at all. In school, your teachers know you, your colleagues know you, the young ones look up to you. In uni, however, you start over. The professors are nonchalant about your existence, and so is everyone in the university as well.

It’s a Whole New World

Loneliness isn’t about being alone, it usually means being around people but still feeling alone. In uni, there’s a countless number of people, but none of them feel like they’re who you grew up with. In contrast to school, where you grew up with one circle of people, whom you knew and understood. Completely different to what our parents’ experience was like, going through the first year of college today is like going through a black tunnel on your own. When our parents went to university, chances were extremely high that they had someone they already knew to accompany them during their day. But with the number of colleges available now, it is not the case anymore.

Time Management 

During college, every student aspires to get the grades, find an internship, and stabilize their social life. How can they though? With the problems mentioned above, struggling to attain all three goals is close to impossible. The amount of work assigned to a student does not give him/her time to work on their loneliness, thus, does not give them time to make friends, therefore, challenges their social life. Not to mention, how hard it is to manage finding an internship to add to the student’s resume after graduation, along with the immense challenge of inadequate time management.

Dealing with university expectations has become a massive challenge that students are facing today. The fact that we have to call it surviving shows how hard it is to deal with.