SIVVI.COM, the Dubai-based online retailer devoted to fast fashion and fresh brands, has brought Lebanese jewellery brand Vanina onboard.

Vanina’s ‘up-cycled’ jewellery communicates a message, which is what distinguishes them from a great number of contemporary jewellery makers. Created in Beirut in 2007, the brand’s motto “never fully dressed without a smile”, presents statement pieces of jewellery including women’s rings, earrings and necklaces known for their joyful and audacious spontaneity.

The brand started six years ago, when Vanina designers, childhood friends Tatiana Fayad & Joanne Hayek spontaneously decided to create a jewellery line by up-cycling old Lebanese coins into statement pieces. Over the years, Vanina has evolved from a single jewelry line to a lifestyle fashion brand presenting numerous collections of handmade pieces, known for their unique aesthetic and materiality, blending vintage and modern styles with a strong sense of fun.


‘At Vanina, we see fashion as a tool. A tool that offers opportunities for social and environmental change. By proposing creative alternatives to the dynamics of the industry, we aim at positively influencing and actively taking part in community development projects, while raising awareness about latent issues of our contemporary society,’ say Tatiana and Joanne.


The unconventional business model of the brand, which started as a hobby in the girls’ bedrooms, has grown into becoming an internationally distributed label, present today in the world’s trendiest cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Florence, Dubai, and New York. Yet, it is with pride that the founders affirm that they still create, source, and produce all the Vanina pieces in their local workshops in Beirut.


Beneath their light and playful glamour, Vanina products hide a passionately engaged activism. Through innovation, collaboration, and transparency, the Vanina team works to explore the synergy between fashion and sustainability.


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