Once you enter TABALINA you get this feeling of coziness, it’s your new next door hangout where you can jump in for a cup of coffee and enjoy the fantastic Shisha flavors which you will get a whiff of it once you step in. When it comes to the food TABALINA serves international cuisine with an oriental twist, so whether you’re a fan of pastas, pizzas, salads, steaks or even Mombar and Molokhya with Shrimps, rest assure that the menu will definitely satisfy your cravings. Enjoy the freshest food ingredients and the most comfortable atmosphere at TABALINA


Facebook: Tabalina

Instagram: http://instagram.com/tabalina_caffe

Tel.: 02 37623460 / 01015717112 / 02 33375988

Address: 16 abd elaziz selim street, Mohandseen