Do you come across people who love to create drama? Surely, you do. These are people who constantly add this fueled energy to your life! You meet them every day, and you wonder why they do that!

1. She is your friend but she usually blames all her problems on the world. She does nothing except blame everyone around for her problems. Disturbed!

screen shot 1

2. They are not just drama queens but pathetic attention seekers. You find them posting ” kadar allah w masha2a Fa3al, w sowar 7adsa w beta3:D”


3. They love running around in vicious circles. When they’re done with exams, they wait for the results! And when the results are out, they wait for wara2 el gesh, etc!

screen shot 2

4. They are not depressed, but rather seriously screwed up! “Dear friends, please avoid me these days. I’m going through some rough times and will not answer anyone!”


5. They are too annoying. When you check on them, they act all sad and depressed. They’re like ” ……. nothing…….Mashakel!  :)” WTF?


6. They’re insanely whinny ya3eny!!!  A girl has been wanting to get a haircut for at least 3 years, and when she finally does she instantly regrets it!! For no reason, apparently!!

screen shot 3

7. They are double-faced hypocrites. A girl asks her friend about her relationship with her boyfriend. The latter is like ” Shit! Zeft! We fight all the time”. A few minutes later, the girl sends kisses to her boyfriend on WhatsApp! El7asad ya okhchty!


8. A couple has a fight. She cries, he says it’s her fault anyway. She cries again! The guy is okay, he’s not even pissed off or anything. The girl cries again and again and again!!!