Isaad Younis
source: DMC

Haytham Shaker appeared in one of his first interviews post-illness announcement on Sahebat El-Sa’ada.

Shaker, with his optimism and strength, is the everyday modern hero and is truly an example to be followed. Last night’s episode, though, showed us another unsung hero. The host herself, Isaad Younis.

Isaad Younis Did The Normal Interview Route

When word got out that Sahebat El-Sa’ada was doing an interview with Haytham Shaker, we have to admit we were a little wary.

Shaker had recently revealed that he’s been dealing with colon cancer for the better part of the last 8 years, explaining why he’d been MIA from the music scene.

People thought many things

They said I was lazy. Many said that I was on drugs.

Shaker said.

Before the artist embarked on this explanation, though, Younis began on an interesting road. She began by saying that she is willing to do this interview only if Shaker wanted to speak.

I’m used to having my guests speak only when they want to speak and say what they want to say,” she said. “I never put words in their mouths.”

Then, to answer his (and our) worries about the episode possibly revolving around his disease, Younis said that she never tries to push for angles that would make the guest uncomfortable.

Honestly, in a TV landscape like the one we see today, her attitude is nothing short of commendable.

How One Simple Action Like This Should Make Us Think

We’re not trying to say that Isaad Younis did anything out of the ordinary because she didn’t. If you think about it, it was basic common decency as well as an adherence to a code of ethics many forget exists.

Isaad Younis

She didn’t try to focus on the negatives and forget the positives exist as well, as some hosts do. Also, she hadn’t turned her show into a one-hour pity party.

All she did was get a loved artist to tell us his story, covering the good parts before the worst. Something that clearly put Shaker, who had been reluctant about talking because he feared a misjudged angle, at ease.

Many could use this as an example of a job well done.