Your hair requires specific care and maintenance to remain healthy and beautiful. The smallest changes you make in the way you handle your hair can go a long way. It’s a very delicate part of the body that requires nourishing and careful treatment. Read on to find out what could be causing your hair to fall and break. Make sure to follow these steps to healthier hair.


Avoid an oily scalp

When applying conditioner to your hair, start with the tips and work your way up. Don’t put it on your scalp; it’ll make it very oily. Conditioner is meant to keep your hair moist, it isn’t meant for your scalp. Apply shampoo to your scalp and massage it; this will help you avoid an oily scalp and prevent dandruff.

Watch the heat!

Try to use heat styling products as little as you possibly can. It can burn your hair and strip the moisture out of it, if used frequently. Use straighteners and curling irons, etc. only when necessary and opt to let your hair air dry whenever you can.

Dry with care

Hair is most fragile when wet, so you must be careful how you handle it after a shower. Don’t rub it aggressively with a towel to dry it. Pat it with the towel, instead. That’s a more gentle way to handle your hair and will cause it to break and fall much less than the alternative.

Use the right temp

Hot water isn’t healthy for your hair. It decreases the natural oils in the scalp, dehydrates the strands and makes them look dry. It also makes your hair weaker and more prone to breakage. As much as you can, use room temperature water to wash your hair, instead. This will keep the moisture in and improve its appearance.

Your hair is what you eat

Your nutrition has a great impact on your hair. Starving yourself or eating unhealthy food will not give your hair the care and vitamins it needs. To make sure your hair stays healthy, make sure to eat enough and include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet like nuts, olive, salmon, avocados, etc. Iron and vitamins should also be part of your diet. These can be found in dairy products, fruits, protein, vegetables and grains.

Easy on the pulling

Opt for hair-dos that won’t pull your hair tightly or put a heavy load on your scalp. Pulling your hair back tightly will weaken it and make it harder for it to grow. Try to wear your hair down as much as you can and not tie it too tight when pulling it back.

Post-shower care

Comb your hair as little as possible after a shower to avoid hair fall. Remember, your hair is weakest when it’s wet. Comb; don’t brush. Brushing your hair causes it to fall and break more easily. Apply leave-in conditioner/spray to make your hair more shiny and soft and therefore easier to manage.

Go natural

Once every week or two apply natural treatment to your hair and leave it for a while. This will make your hair stronger and healthier and provide it with the care it needs. Olive oil, yogurt, avocados and eggs are but a few examples of the natural ingredients that can do wonders for your hair. There are a million recipes out there, look them up and regularly use the one that gives you results.