Pet on a vacation in Egypt

This one goes out for all the pet lovers: Who doesn’t want to go on a nice vacation by the beach with their pet? Whether you own a dog, a cat or even a squirrel; we brought you some tips and tricks so you don’t have to worry too much about taking your furry friend with you.


#1 Up to Date with Shots and Vaccinations

You need to be able to enjoy your vacation with your little furry friend. But that won’t necessarily happen if you ignore or forget to check that they have taken all their due shots and vaccinations. In order to avoid any inconveniences that could occur away from home.


#2 Pet-Friendly Hotels

Before you pack your bags, checking for pet-friendly hotels is a must. You don’t want to travel a long way to find out that pets aren’t allowed around the place where you’ve booked. Whether in the hotel itself or the area you’re going to be exploring/relaxing in. Therefore; you have to make sure the hotel where you’re spending your vacation allows pets.


#3 Cruise Ships

Even though not many cruise ships allow pets on board, you could still ask around and you’ll probably find at least one that’s fine with it. And a cruise ship here is important because it’s going to give your pet the full windy-sea experience. That’s in addition to the amazing photoshoot you’re going to do for them with the blue ocean in the background!


#4 Toys, Lots of Them

While you go for a solo swim or read a book on the sand, your pet will need some distraction as well. Which is why bringing a lot of their favorite toys along with you is a no brainer, in that case. Just make sure that they’re either rubber toys or stuffed animals so you would, again, avoid any inconveniences that might occur while you’re not looking.


#5 A Park/Playground

You need to have a nearby park so you could walk your furry animal anytime. Yes, you’ll have to walk him on the beach, anyway. But still, pets love parks. Especially that they get to meet fellow animals and play all they want. It’s really important.


#6 Cleaning up and Control

Cleaning up after your pet is very crucial on trips, because you don’t want to annoy anyone by neglecting that. That’s actually one major reason why a lot of hotels don’t usually allow pets. So after relieving themselves or messing things up as they play around, you need to make sure you clean and tidy up after them. We also shouldn’t forget about control; a leash should be on you at all times. Your pet needs to behave, because annoying, barking and jumping at tourists or vacationers will cause you unnecessary trouble.


#7 Food Containers

During vacations, we – humans – don’t know when we will get hungry next. It could be four hours or literally five minutes after we just ate. And the same goes for our pets. That’s why food containers should always be on you at all times, so your little friend doesn’t starve. And, as much as possible, try to go for healthy options in order for your pet to avoid infections, nausea or any kind of illness.