TAMEER announced that they are ready to deliver the first phase of “AZAD 1” housing units in New Cairo during the month of March. The phase includes 60 housing units of variable sizes.

Eng. Antoine El Khoury, Managing Director of TAMEER, declared that “AZAD 1” represents an integrated residential compound, built on 20 acres. The project’s phases are being implemented in parallel with each other with the cooperation of local leading contracting companies.

Eng. El Khoury also highlighted that “AZAD 1” provides prime facilities that include a community center, administrative center, commercial center in addition to swimming pools, outdoor cinema, kids’ area, jogging track, bicycle lane and central park.

Located at the heart of New Cairo, “AZAD 1” is one of the most central and accessible hubs of the city, a fifteen-minute drive away from Cairo International Airport and across the street from the American University in Cairo.

“AZAD 1” enhances the concept of intimate neighborhood between residents. It also creates a sophisticated lifestyle by including family zones that suit all cultural events and social gatherings, appropriate for all ages. The project focuses on creating a cohesive civil community, not only an ordinary residential community. It also targets maintaining close neighborhood relationships between residents.

Mr. El Khoury assured that “AZAD 1” seeks recreating the social life that was prevalent in Egypt’s affluent districts before, the life based on strong social connections through holding events that bring together all neighbors and consolidate their relationships for achieving deep social connections.

TAMEER envisioned a landscape that is both beautiful and functional, vast green spaces where healthy life can be shared and enjoyed by the whole community. The project also contains tranquility zones with scheduled spots for meditation, for sharing sports and social activities.

TAMEER’s main philosophy is building “AZAD 1” to facilitate the social needs of its homeowners, not having them adapt to the place’s conditions, Eng. El Khoury explained.

He also assured that the project’s philosophy concentrated on excelling different experiences in all its details.

As a result, TAMEER cooperated with other companies in implementing “AZAD 1”; that included MHDH & Mahally for the landscaping and Community Center, PMP Services for the management of the project, CMS for civil works and infrastructure, Modern Interiors for the façades and latest finishing, Zewar Architects for the architects and ERA Commercial Egypt responsible for the sales.

He emphasized the vital role played by women inside both TAMEER as a company and “AZAD 1” as a residential project. This also highlights TAMEER’s historical commitment towards the equality between individuals, respecting the development of all human beings. In “AZAD 1”, five ladies are handling variable executive positions for the first time which confirms women’s ability to produce and innovate.

TAMEER cooperated with Mrs. Mona Hussien – CEO and founder of MHDH & Mahally, Eng. Rania Zewar – Co-partner and general manager – Zewar Architects, Eng. Ghada Otiefa – Projects Director – PMP Services, Eng. Maha Abu Zied – Managing Director – Modern Interiors and Mrs. Reham Refaat – Deputy CEO – ERA Commercial Egypt in implementing “AZAD 1”.

Eng. El Khoury said: “It is our pleasure that the “AZAD 1” site tour is deliberately timed to coincide with the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, calling for gender equality, and encouraging effective action for advancing and recognizing women.”

The fortified commitment towards gender equality is also underlined by TAMEER’s intergenerational heritage and core values.  The company put forth its best effort to ensure and maintain its credibility in Egypt’s real estate market. Within more than 65 years, TAMEER delivered around 27 thousand residential units, in addition to two prominent projects, “DIAR I” and “DIAR II” phase one.

AZAD project is excellently designed with precision using the highest quality materials, reinforcing mutual trust between the company and the customers and displaying its proven competencies.

All the above came today during “AZAD 1” project tour in the presence of TAMEER management, along with prominent media representatives, revealing project updates, exhibiting quality and follow-up on the final stages before delivery.