Yesterday, Tamer Hosny dropped his new music video Naseny Leh“, and already, EVERYONE is talking about!

The song is from Tamer’s last album “Eish Be Sho2ak” which Tamer released late 2018 in the form of a flash drive, which made Tamer the first Arab star to such a thing.

The music video took place in Alexandria and was directed by Saeid Marok and starring in it alongside Tamer was Saudi TV star Aseel Amer. 

It broke records!

It hasn’t been 24 hours since the video was released and it already has over 1.5 million views. 

Not only that, in a matter of a few hours of its release, it ranked as number 1 on YouTube’s Top Trending Music List in Egypt!

That’s not all, in just a few hours, “Naseeny Leeh” was the number one trend on Egypt’s Twitter trends!

There is a reason why everyone is loving “Naseny Leh”, here is a part of it:

Records weren’t enough, it broke hearts too!

The Alexandrian beauty was NOT the only thing people related to in Naseeny Leeh. 

The romantic nature of the video and the storyline which was portrayed in the most cinematic way managed to capture the essence of an epic love story with which a lot of people could relate!

And by relate we mean cry their hearts out!

People were left speechless…“It touched my heart deeply” 

We told you it broke hearts!

You have been warned! 

It was so accurate, it said it all!

“It went deeper into wounds.”

Not only does it break hearts, apparently, it can kill too!

Broken hearts left and right…

In a nutshell, it was “just perfect”.

A well-deserved applause…

This is just the tip of an iceberg of applause and compliments with which people are showering Tamer and his video.

It is the number 1 trend on Twitter, so I guess you can imagine how many people are raving about it!

The Storytelling

In the video, a heartbreaking love story is portrayed in a very cinematic way.

Through a series of scenes, we see Tamer’s character revisiting his past relationship, and reliving all of its memories from happy to heartbreakingly sad.

Tamer’s performance while as he went down memory lane managed to capture all the emotions a broken failed relationship leaves you with, from pain, regret, to heartache and misery.

It is safe to say this was enough to touch the heart of everyone who watched it!

That Alexandria Beauty

As a location for his video, Tamer chose the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria! And boy did the video manage to capture the enchanting beauty of this one-of-a-kind city!

From that crystal clear blue water…

To a good old Montazah love scene…

He even didn’t forget the true wonder that is The Library Of Alexandria!

Naturally, this resonated with a lot of people, whether form Alex or not. Because you can’t not love Alexandria, it is just not possible!

In the end, I guess it is safe to say that Tamer Hosny managed to make yet another successful hit out of “Naseeny Leeh” and put his unique twist on it.