The Egyptian roots never fail to deliver the greatness and authenticity expected from them, and 21-year-old Belgian-Egyptian singer Tamino who is named after the hero of Mozart’s opera The Magic Flutes is another living proof of that.

Tamino Moharram Fouad is the grandchild of the late Egyptian singing legend Moharram Fouad. Despite his young age, Tamino is doing a great job honoring the talent he inherited from his grandfather dubbed “The Sound of The Nile”.

The young artist started his promising career in Belgium not too long ago. However, his undeniable talent, striking voice and unique direction have already gained him recognition all across Europe.

His haunting first single “Habibi” which means “my love” in Arabic allowed him to stand out immediately thanks to its different sound and exotic mixture of western and Arabic music. Of course, his strong throaty voice and incredible falsetto did most of the work!

Although “Habibi” was his debut single, its lyrical video actually received more than a million streams! Not only that, it caused people to compare Tamino’s voice with artists like Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke and Matt Bellamy of Muse!

How impressive is that for an artist who was still about to release his debut album?

In his album Amir, Tamino stayed true to his Arabic roots. He features an orchestra made up of refugees from countries like Iraq and Syria called Nagham Zikrayat. This, of course, added to the unique sound of the album by blending the eastern authentic sounds with the modern western influences Tamino’s songs so gorgeously demonstrate.

Tamino’s album Amir is now out. And he is planning to have several concerts all over Europe, in addition to other Arab countries like Lebanon and Morocco. However, the Egyptian descendant artist is holding off the idea of performing in Egypt for the time being. He says he wants to be ready to live up to the legacy of his grandfather, “The Sound of The Nile”.

We can’t wait for the artist to come to Egypt. We are sure that he will definitely make his late grandfather proud. In the meantime, we couldn’t be more proud of him for honoring and representing Egypt in the best way possible everywhere in the world.