Thousands of taxi drivers have caused traffic chaos in a rowdy protest against competition from ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Careem. This clash between taxi drivers and these new emerging apps had literally happened all over the world, so it’s nothing special.

The funny part is, that the key for the taxi drivers to beat Uber and Careem lays within their own hands, but they’re just to lazy to notice it or do something about it. Below are 7 pieces of advice taxi drivers should consider to win this battle:

1. Fix The Air Conditioner


Since summer is killing us all, the first and most crucial tip to get customers back in the white cars is to fix the air conditioner, and by all means when they do so, they shouldn’t ask to charge extra money to turn it on.

2. Not Arguing About The Destination


You can’t set foot into any taxi without him being in the mood to go to your destination; this is the most hated and frustrating thing about taxis.

3. Stop Picking Up Another Customer In Someone Else’s Ride


And what make this even more hilarious is them arguing with you when you refuse to let someone else in the car with you, and also when you decide to leave the car. What the hell!

4. Clean Your Car


What makes things way better with Uber and Careem cars is the fact that everything is rated, so there is no chance for there cars to be filthy. On the other hand, it’s not so common to get into a clean and polished taxi. Clean you cars!!

5. Turn On The Counter


If taxi drivers stopped pretending that the counter doesn’t function, the world would be such a better place. They will save time arguing with every customer about the fare, and we will save our breath.

6. Take A Permission To Smoke

People who are asthmatic or who can’t stand cigarettes aren’t to blame that you’re in a bad mood and need a smoke! Also most people are polite enough and won’t say no if you asked their permission to smoke.


7. Take The Road Your Customer Choose


I’m the one paying here, and I know my way, why would I need you to play the role of the tour guide who knows it all and let you pick the road? Even if the road I choose is longer or busier, honey that’s more money in your pocket!