What kind of world would this be without yummy pastries? The answer is a dreary and jejune planet lacking finger licking sweet and fatty baked goods! Pastry chefs simply make the world smell better. So imagine our surprise, and yep delight, when one day, after Iftar, we walked in to The Bakery Shop, and were face to face with their Cronofa!

At first we were confused, “Is that a croissant or Kunafa?” Well, not wanting to leave any room for speculation, and to feed our curiosity and our bellies, we took a bite, and boy oh boy, what a tasty new invention it was!

It turned out that Cronofa is a new Egyptian pastry innovation, registered and trademarked by TBS this Ramadan. This tasty invention consists of a croissant rolled in Kunafa and drenched in honey syrup! Hold it, that’s not all there is to it! It comes in a variety of toppings and fillings; cream & pistachio, Nutella & nuts, dates & lotus, halawa & sesame.

We couldn’t agree more with TBS, this Egyptian innovation deserves global recognition. We can’t keep it a secret from the world; we must share it! And in order for that to happen, the word ‘Cronofa’ has to be included into the English dictionary.

This acknowledgement will turn this savoury pastry from a local to a global one, and one bite can more than justify why Cronofa must be known worldwide. It will be a shame for the world to not get to taste it! So let’s not be greedy, folks, sign this petition, and let’s all stand for this delicious Egyptian innovation until it gets the global recognition it more than deserves.