Remember back in the early 2000s when MBC 2 and MBC 4 introduced us to all our favorite TV shows? That was back before Netflix and the internet were a thing.

Something the young ‘iPod’ generation doesn’t know is that before MBC 4 was the home of series, we used to tune in to MBC 2 back when it was called ‘Channel 2’ to catch up on all our favorite series and movies. But the shows worth watching were just too many, so they blessed us with MBC 4.

Remember how we used to plan our week according to their schedule? And how brokenhearted we would feel when we missed an episode?

Well if you don’t remember, we are here to remind you.

So here’s a list of the best shows MBC had us falling in love with and developing our binging obsession.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Of course, we had to start with this one! Thanks to MBC 4, an entire generation was introduced to the one and only legend that is F.R.I.R.N.D.S. 

Who can forget the first time they heard a joke from Chandler, a ‘Hi’ from Ross or an ‘I know’ from Monica? I know I can’t!

I personally used to wait for it every day and whenever it came on, I’d be like…

Could we be any more exicted?

2. Frasier

Another oldie but a real goldie is, of course, Frasier! We used to live for those intense ‘Frasier-Niles’ pickers and fights!

I mean it’s enough that one of the lead characters in the show was the world’s cutest dog EDDIE! That on its own is enough to have ‘listening’ every time the show comes on. *Frasier fans will relate*

3. Charmed

If you’re a 90s\80 Arab kid, odds are you either grew up crushing on or wanting to be one of the Halliwell sisters in Charmed.


I mean let’s face it, the only thing better than a strong woman is a strong woman who can do magic, am I right, ladies?


4. Ghost Whisperer

We can’t talk about magical women and not mention the Ghost Whisperer, Melinda Gordon. You know we all hung at the edge of our seat every night while Melinda helped another spirit pass on to the other side.

Only Jennifer Love Hewitt can make you love ghosts and wait for their arrival!


5. Medium

Speaking of kick-ass women with special gifts, who remembers Allison DuBois in Medium?! How can you not? How often do you see a woman detective who solves mysteries after the dead send her visions of their deaths in her sleep?

I swear if it weren’t for these shows and these women, we wouldn’t have known what a boss lady really means!

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Okay, where do we begin? It’s drama, romance, bad-ass women, and vampires! Where can you wrong?!

For years Buffy got us obsessing every episode with her quest to fight evil creatures. We never wanted it to end, and it nearly didn’t.

 7. Angel

Because people loved Buffy so damn much, the creators of the show were generous enough to make a spin-off for it based on one of the characters in Buffy, Angel.

However, MBC were so generous that they aired Angel (the spin-off series) before they finished airing Buffy (the original series).

The spoiler effect was real guys, and we just can’t get over it still.

On the bright side, Angel was as intriguing and thrilling as you’d expect. It just would’ve been way more thrilling if we watched it AFTER BUFFY WAS OVER.

We are not crying, you are crying. 

8. Seinfeld

Does this one really need an introduction? I mean who was there for you when you needed to switch off your brain and chill away from any stress?

Well, of course, it was Jerry, George, Ellen, and Kramer! In other words, the legendary phenomenon that is Seinfeld!

Yup, that’s pretty much what we felt watching it.

9. Monk

What is better than a brilliant detective with an OCD? Monk fans say absolutely NOTHING!

Ah, Monk…

10. The Oprah Winfrey Show

Last but not least is the one, the only, the idol of generations, OPRAH. Thanks to MBC, we’re introduced to this phenomenal pioneer of a woman and boy did we learn and still learn from her about basically everything in life.

While she made our lives, she made stars and introduced them to us right in our living room. One of the many stars she introduced to us was Dr. Phill who later on had his own show that also aired on MBC.

Thank you for existing, QUEEN.

When we started talking about this here, everyone just couldn’t stop reminiscing about their favorite show growing up. 

Ah, there are just too many to talk about, we will need to write a whole book, not an article! And we can’t do that right now because we gotta go binge watch all these shows and feel really old while we’re at it.

I am sure some of you 80s\90s kids will relate…