Today marks the 4th anniversary of Faten Hamama’s departure from our world. It still stings to think that we lost “The Lady of the Arab Screen”.

The only thing that makes us feel a little better is the fact that she left us with an incredible legacy of amazing art. Faten Hamama’s talent and work helped shape Egyptian cinema as we know it today.

So in honor of her 4th death anniversary, we thought we’d look back at some of her masterpieces that we all love so much.

1. Doaa Al-Karawan

Doaa Al-Karawan is one of the most iconic movies in the history of Egyptian cinema. It features a group of other amazing iconic artists like Ahmed Mazhar, Majda and Madiha Yousri.

It’s an epic romance\drama that, to this day, has everyone reaching for their tissues while watching it, especially the heartbreaking ending!

2. Siraa Fil-Mina

This is a classic one! It has drama, action and romance; where can you go wrong? Siraa Fil-Mina is one of Youssef Chahine’s old masterpieces that helped build his big name in Egypt and worldwide.


Another fact that adds to the magic of this movie is that it featured not one but two of our favorite bad boys; Omar El Sherif and Ahmed Ramzi. Not to mention the intoxicating chemistry between Faten Hamama and Omar El Sherif that we all just adore.

3. Afwah wa Araneb

In this movie, Hamama brilliantly portrayed the role of a country girl who struggles to adjust to life in the city.

And who can forget the tragic love story between Hamama and Mahmoud Yaseen that broke our hearts and took us on an emotional roller coaster with all its ups and downs?

4. Dameer Abla Hekmat

This TV series is one of Hamama’s latest works; it is also one of the few times she blessed us with an appearance on TV.

In Dameer Abla Hekmat, Faten Hamama proved that she can live up to her title as “The Lady of the Arab Screen” in every role she takes on.

5. Emberatoriet Meem

Emberatoriet Meem is one of the lighter movies that Hamama has blessed us with. But one thing that didn’t change is that it still manages to be a crowd’s favorite like most of her movies.

Hamama, again stunningly, added a new type of roles to her impressive resume when she portrayed the mother who is struggling to raise 6 kids. All while trying to make it work with her love interest in the movie portrayed by Ahmed Mazhar.

6. La Tutfi El-Shams

Another outstanding portrayal of an epic love story by Faten Hamama and Imad Hamdy. This movie featured a very rich feast of other talents from Ahmed Ramzy, Nadia Lutfi, Leila Taher, and Shukry Sarhan! 

It’s worth mentioning that this brilliant Ihsan Abdel Quddous story was presented again to the audience in a TV series under the same name, which they also absolutely adored.

7. Bain el Atlal

Last but, of course, not least is one of the most iconic love stories in the history of Egyptian cinema, Bain el Atlal.

Faten Hamama and Emad Hamdy took us on a ride unlike any other with the dramatic yet beautiful love story they amazingly portrayed giving us consistent goosebumps throughout the entire movie.

These are just some of the many amazing masterpieces the legend Faten Hamama blessed us with over the years, engraving her name in our hearts and memories forever.

We still grieve her loss and miss her art but on this day, we choose to celebrate her amazing legacy and look back at the many gifts she left us with the same smile she always managed to draw on our faces.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments which one is your favorite Faten Hamama movie!