Technology makes our life easier in every way but does it make it better? Not necessarily!! I sometimes wonder how our quality of life would be different if the things we effortlessly get done nowadays required more time and energy like before. I think life would definitely feel more precious and meaningful! Everything had value; technology somehow managed to depreciate it.

1-A Letter is more romantic than a text message! A crying emoticon will never  move you like a letter carrying the scent or the tears of its writer.

tear on a letter

2-A printed photo is much more precious than a digital one. We used to take few photos capturing the most significant moments of our lives, print them and buy special frames and albums, or even make scrap books. Now we take an awful lot of meaningless pictures that end up getting lost most of the time. Pictures are  not as valuable as they used to be; I can still remember my grandmother pulling out big family albums to show me pictures of her, grandpa, my mum, and aunt. Every picture had a story behind it.


3-Trying to get to know someone was a lot more meaningful and complicated. The only means of getting to know anyone had to be through physical not virtual interaction. That meant you actually had to meet and get acquainted in person. Now it’s all about connecting with people through the social media and texting for nights and days. Well, You can’t really get to know someone through their Facebook or Instagram accounts. That would be totally disillusional!


4-Cooking on a stove is way tastier than Cooking in a microwave. At least we could smell whatever we’re cooking!!!! Stepping home to the smell of your mum’s delicious food on a cold winter afternoon is unparalleled!


5- Skyping is not dating. In the past, when loved ones traveled we would check the maibox every day to see if they had sent any letters. Now, we just date on skype. Although it sometimes helps when you miss someone so much but it never really feels intimate.

Screen Shot 2011-08-04 at 14.02.55

6-Shopping online is never like holding the actual clothes and trying them on. Even though it can be easier, or time and energy saving, it will never feel like real shopping. You get to try on different sizes and color shades to see if they compliment your figure and skintone. You get to try on crazy items you know you’ll never buy, just for fun. Shopping is supposed to be FUN!!


7-An e-book can never have that special smell of a new book . Nor would never have the feeling of an old one. Let alone, the bookmarks.


8-The Radio Vs. iPod. Listening to your favorite song on the radio never feels the same like hearing it on YouTube or on your iPod. When your songs are available all the time, they don’t feel that special anymore.


Yes, we do appreciate technology, however, it makes us shy away from crucial human interaction and it also makes us forget how the small things used to make us happy. Life was much more precious!!