Ahh, MSA. The one place where people from all sides of the spectrum convene for subpar education, cheap food and mediocre memories. MSA has always been a place where both overachievers and underachievers attend. Here are ten things every MSAian can relate to:

1. The Star

The Star, a place where you will undoubtedly find every person you’ve ever known in your life: from baba’s second cousin’s son’s best friend’s brother, to that distant relative you don’t really like. You can usually find girls smoking like it’s the end of the world, and guys huddled up on the side like some wannabe MSA gangsters (ya3). Be prepared to hear Laila tell her anteema about the amazing Thursday night she spent at Tamarai, like so wasted. 

 2. New comers

So adorable with their backpacks and pencil cases. Newcomers at MSA are easy to spot, mainly because they start their freshman year with high hopes and expectations. You’ll see them huddled in a group in the star thinking they’re Serena & Blair starring in Brown. They’ll come to class all eager and will usually act like everything is so cool. Be prepared to hear lots of oohs and ahhs. 


3- The Garden

It doesn’t have to be summer or even hot for girls to pose for a ‘tan’ right in the middle of the garden. It’s ironic how that they can actually manage to tan with their FULL sports gear on…I’m talking jumpers and sweatpants here.

Can't tan with your clothes on

4- Soccer, volley and basketball fields

As a newcomer, you’ll probably be very excited to participate in sports activities during the gaps between classes. In time, you’ll come to realize that it only makes you look sweaty and smell stinky…so yeah you do it for a semester or two if you’re really passionate about sports and not really into girls.


5- Carpooling 

At some point, you’ll figure out that carpooling is your best bet:

– You come and leave with your friends.

– You’re never bored during rush hours.

– You don’t need to drive EVERYDAY.

– You actually get to know people in the comfort of your own car.

– You are NEVER on time for the first class (yeah, that’s a good thing).

6- Bus

Oh God! NEVER ever take the bus; I’d rather walk to Mohandessin and back than ride the bus.

Where do I begin? The smell? Or the fact that you could have three people squeezed in two seats? Maybe the fact that you could find the professor whom you intentionally missed his class sitting right beside you on the bus?

7- Clothes

Have you ever heard the term” fashion crisis”?….. Enough said!

8-EL Matar

Definitely that is the thing that we used to call it, as it was mostly the area were all the ”Khalaiga” used to chill at. I generally had this bizarre feeling that it smelled like”MESK”, however I generally tend to exaggerate…

9- Boyfriends And Girlfriends

Alright, have you seen high school musical? YEAH….. NO that is not how they look like.Couples who hold hands are a buzzword now, in MSA we have individuals taking a tan together in the garden, offering each other a sandwich and strolling like lovebirds in our darling college.

10- Professors

We have diverse types of professors at MSA. We have the cool one who grin at the whole class (very rare), we also have the ”I don’t know how to speak English and I dare you to comment” ones. Then there are the graders who normally categorize the class at first sight!  You guys sitting at the end, you’re failing flat this course!

Although I’m being sarcastic and highly critical but I did spend the best years of my life at MSA. It’s where I met all my best friends. Being an MSA Mass Com. Graduate, I owe it all to MSA and now I’m working as a writer for a respectful magazine; so yeah MSA made me the man I am today.